Xi'an Mercedes-Benz women's car company was seized. What happened to the Mercedes-Benz women's car company?


[TechWeb] On June 10th, the “Shanghai Competition”, which was the supervisor of the Xi’an Mercedes-Benz women’s car owner before the Weibo fever, was seized by the police.

Previously, the woman surnamed Xue surnamed the Internet was involved in fraud. The police revealed that the woman’s company was mainly due to poor management of the arrears. It is not a criminal offence to commit a civil dispute. The two sides should take legal measures to resolve the problem. The merchants expect the police to give a satisfactory answer.

Before the news that Mercedes-Benz female car owners owed suppliers and franchisees and millions of dollars, the Mercedes-Benz female car owners once said that they did not owe a penny. The company may have been sealed up.


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