Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment the largest shareholder change for Li Weiwei to promote listed companies to accelerate into the new era of development

On the evening of March 13, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment (002555.SZ) disclosed the announcement of the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company to complete the share swap and the change of Yinhua MSCI China ETF and the change of the largest shareholder. After the above two announcements were disclosed, The first major shareholder of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment will be changed from Wu Xushun, Wu Weihong and Wu Weidong (hereinafter referred to as “Wu Family”) to Li Weiwei, founder of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment. In fact, from a series of actions such as the reduction of the Wu family and the resignation of Wu Weidong as the chairman of the board, the market has long anticipated the change in the shareholding structure of the Sanqi Mutual Entertainment. In the view of the organization, the founder Li Weiwei will become the largest shareholder of the Sanqi Mutual Entertainment and will promote the accelerated entry of listed companies into the new development era.

According to the announcement of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, on March 13, the company received a notice from Wu Xushun, one of the controlling shareholders and actual controllers, who had directly exchanged 21.2 million shares held by it for the share of Yinhua MSCI China ETF. After the completion of the share swap, Wu Xushun's shareholding ratio decreased from 6.12% to 5.12%, so the Wu family's total shareholding decreased from 19.27% ​​to 18.27%; while the company's second largest shareholder Li Weiwei held the company's shares of 404 million shares. , accounting for 19% of the total share capital of listed companies. This also led to the total number of shares held by the Wu family being lower than the number of shares held by Li Weiwei, and thus Li Weiwei became the largest shareholder of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment.

China International Capital Corporation previously pointed out in the minutes of the Sanqi Mutual Recreation Anti-roadshow that after the Wu family traded shares for Yinhua MSCI China ETF share, the largest shareholder of the listed company will be changed from the original traditional business actual controller to the notoginseng mutual entertainment founder. This will improve the ownership structure of the company, optimize corporate governance, and promote listed companies to enter a new era of development.

It is understood that Li Weiwei is the founder of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment. During this period, he has created a world-famous professional game operation platform such as domestic 37 games, 37 mobile games, overseas 37GAMES, and led the investment of Sanqi Mutual Entertainment in the field of cultural creation. Prior to the Wu family, Li Weiwei's experience and understanding of the cultural and creative industries more closely match the strategic development direction of the future of the Sanqi interactive entertainment. In the eyes of the industry, the Sanqi interactive entertainment at the helm of Li Weiwei will focus on Wenchuang. The industry will further open up the growth space of listed companies.

Prior to this, Panax notoginseng had said in the announcement that the replacement would help shareholders enrich their portfolio, diversify risks, share the fruits of economic development, and support the upgrading of national industries. It is understood that the components of the MSCI China A-share RMB Index contain the targets that have already been included and will be gradually incorporated into the MSCI emerging Market Index in the future, and select Chinese finance and daily consumption. Information technology and other fields of nearly 400 representative listed companies to reflect the international competitiveness of the overall trend of high-quality listed companies in China. The Wu family was able to swap shares for Yinhua MSCI China ETF shares, and is also part of MSCI China A-share ETF based on Panax notoginseng Mutual Recreation.

Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment first major shareholder changed into Li Wei push go public accelerate times

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