Sogou Input launches "changing Sound function" chat with variable Muffle

Everyone usually makes a voice, and most of them use their own voices to face bosses, elders, colleagues, subordinates or ordinary friends. Of course, they are more formal. But in a good friend, girlfriend, couple or other relatively intimate and relaxed relationship, or in some occasions that do not need to be officially formal, if you can creatively play some "new tricks", you may be able to stand out and let each other stand out. The good value is bursting.

On May 21st, Sogou input method was launched with a very interesting feature - "changing sound". Just select the voice change function in the voice input, input what you want to say, and then choose a character you like, you can instantly "turn" your voice into the voice of the character. The fidelity of the simulated sound is quite high and can be done almost. To "fake the truth." I believe that the person who received your voice will be "stunned" by these unexpected sounds.

When talking to my girlfriend, simulate the northeast dialect to carry on the sweet confession, speak the gentle love words with the standard "big ballast taste" voice, that scene can be said to be quite "contrast cute"; Chat with your boyfriend, want to sell cute and spoiled, at this time you can choose to simulate the beautiful woman spoiled voice similar to Zhiling sister, maybe when your message is sent out, the boyfriend will run to you! For example, when you want to make a harmless little joke with your "bad friend", you might as well simulate a voice similar to that of the star master, and bring your own funny and happy atmosphere as soon as you open your mouth, so that everyone will be full of joy in your voice after you "change your voice."

Every time in life, when you want to make your voice no longer normal, you can use Sogou Input's "voice change function."

At present, Sogou input method has prepared nearly 20 kinds of sounds for users across the Internet industry, celebrities, animation and other categories. The role is set from Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan, Xingye, to Crayon Shinchan, Piggy Page. Users of different identities, different ages, different genders, and even different "dimensions" can freely transform seamlessly in these roles, and play with a good friend to play a "variable big show" that simulates sound. In addition to fixed characters and characters, Sogou input method also provides basic sounds such as big uncle, loli sound, male sound, and royal sister sound. It can be integrated with some of the user's own personal styles. flexible.

Sogou input method launch voice change function chat bring voice changer

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