BIGBANG may be over, but South Korea is far from over.

Dynamic picture for the offender Zheng Junying returned to China, by reporters to pick up the picture of the hat.

No one could have guessed that the scandals implicated in an investigation into nightclub violence could cross Korean politics and business to entertain the three worlds.

In January of this year, a nightclub in South Korea's Gangnam district, which began to be inspected by police because of violent beatings by security guards, was repeatedly revealed to be selling drugs, photographing customers and evading taxes, starting with a report by South Korean television station MBC. Also suspected of coma female customers to provide sexual hospitality to nightclub executives. Jiangnan District Police Department was later exposed to collusion with the nightclub and took a bribe of 20 million won (about 119000 yuan) to quell incidents in which underage clubs were allowed to enter the club.

South Korea's Dispatch report, photo source @ Korea porte

South Korea's Dispatch report, photo source @ Korea porte

And every time the return will cause the BIGBANG of the Korean entertainment circle to be involved, after this, you may not really see the BIGBANG of five people. The investor of this nightclub is Li Shengli, a member of the Korean men's team BIGBANG.

BIGBANg member Li Shengli, picture source @视觉中国

BIGBANg member Li Shengli, Photo Source @ Visual China

South Korean lawyers said that when investigating the chat records of the nightclub executives, they also found that one of the characters had more influence than the Jiangnan District. And when everyone thought that this was a social event collusion between politics and business, the bigger and bigger the melon was dragged into the Korean entertainment circle.

On March 11, SBS, a South Korean television station, reported that the sex entertainment case involving Li Shengli involved a number of male artists who illegally filmed women's indecent videos and sent them to chat groups to share communications. The video victims include a number of Korean female artists, female practitioners. This also triggered a wave of popular speculation about members of the group, currently identified as entertainers Li Shengli, Korean artist Jung Young-ying, Korean band FTISLAND Choi Jong-hyun.

Chat group records, photo source @ gaudy

Chat group records, photo source @ gaudy

As early as September 2016, Zheng Junying was sued by his ex-girlfriend for stealing the bad habits. However, at that time, the protagonist was his ex-girlfriend. The public thought that this was just a matter of love between the couples. After the settlement, Zheng Junying won the public understanding because of the refreshing apology, and still in the entertainment industry. After more than two years, he still planted this bad habit. And the exposed chat records show that they are also suspected of feeding female sleeping pills and sneak a video.

At present, both Jung Chun-ying and Li Shengli have been placed on file, because of suspected collusion between the police and the suspect, so the South Korean National Rights and interests Commission referred the matter directly to the South Korean Prosecutor's Office for investigation.

At the same time, YG Entertainment, where Li Shengli is located, announced today that it will terminate the contract, which means that BIGBANG can no longer return to the entertainment industry in the form of “five people”.

Last year, four members of BIGBANG, GD (Quan Zhilong), Sun and Dacheng, will begin military service for nearly two years. In the face of the farewell with the fans, BIGBANG released the single "Flower Road". In the lyrics, they made an appointment with the fans. Unexpectedly, after experiencing the drug abuse of member T.O.P, member Li Shengli was arrested for sexual entertainment and exited the entertainment circle.

Ironically, today (March 13) coincides with the first anniversary of the song's release.

"Flower Road" Lyrics

< Flower Road > lyrics

BIGBANG has great recognition in China, not to mention fans, even some straight passers-by will also say "anti-Korean thirty years, destroyed in BIGBANG" because of BIGBANG's song.

Their companies, YG and SM, and JYP are also known as South Korea's "Big three," but in the past two years, not only have YG been farther and farther away from the market capitalisation of the two, but it has been hard for YG to catch up with BigHit, the new star brokerage.

Market value of the three largest Korean brokerage firms (13 March), drawing / Zhao Yuhang

Market value of the three largest Korean brokerage firms (13 March), drawing / Zhao Yuhang

This is inseparable from YG's planning of artists and the entry of Bigbang. The high artistic requirements of the works have led YG to introduce phenomena-level artists such as BIGBANG, 2NE1, and psy (singer of "Gangnam Style"). But it also led to fewer and fewer artists returning. Lack of pre-emptive momentum and paving, after BIGBANG enlisted and 2NE1 disbanded, it is difficult for them to launch a similar heat combination.

The enlistment of BIGBANG led to the loss of YG's nearly half of the tour revenue, and YG's attempts in fashion, catering and other sideline businesses are still at a loss, especially in the case of cosmetics, the cumulative net profit loss reached 2.2 billion won. A few days ago, the clothing company jointly established by YG and Samsung Property Co., Ltd. also entered the liquidation because of the continuous loss of business.

YG was the first to bear the brunt of the scandal over the past two days, making it the biggest drop in the three biggest share prices, falling 12.6 percent at one point.

However, YG shares closed up 5.15% today. Titanium Media understands that YG, which has been hampered by the sideline industry in the past few years, has begun to slim down. It sold the Jeju Island Quanzhilong Cafe and bowling alley today to solve this loss-making business. The stock price correction is only a short-term market reaction of YG after divesting non-performing assets, and it is not enough to solve the funding problem.

YG's 2018 financial report

BIGABANG may be over, but the show is far from over. Jiangnan District nightclub and which district police have colluded? How to protect victims of cybersexual violence? How many other people in the world are spreading this kind of clandestine video?

South Korean media reported that over the past four years, about 16802 South Koreans, 97 percent of whom were men and most of them former offenders, had been arrested for crimes related to taking sex videos.

Weibo's user @ just complained recently that there is one of South Korea's biggest and deadliest yellow websites called Soranet, which began operating in 1999. In addition to AV, there are many photos and videos of ordinary people being secretly taken by their boyfriends. After seeing their nude photos spread, many victims suffered from depression or chose to commit suicide. What's even more chilling is that there are two women in the founder of this website.

Because the server on this site is not in Korea, it took the Korean government about 10 years to shut down Soranet. Fortunately, this is now a non-existent illegal file-sharing site.

In August 2018, about 70,000 women protestors marched in Seoul, South Korea, asking the government to put in place more measures to protect women from online sexual violence. One of the slogans is, "my life is not your porn (My'life is not your porn)."

Under pressure, the Seoul Metropolitan Government promised to add another 8,000 patrolmen to conduct daily inspections of all public toilets to detect the presence of sneak shots.

On South Korean news site Naver this morning, titanium found the top 10 news stories, eight of which were related to the incident, but all were stories by female entertainers who clarified that they were not victims.

The Korean female artist with Hora also had to come out to prove that she was not the victim of this incident. Last year, she was threatened by a video of a sneak shot by her ex-boyfriend, and even prevented her ex-boyfriend from publishing a video. However, her ex-boyfriend still contacted the reporter for exposure after a domestic violence.

As one Korean comment put it, "female entertainers get photographed, afraid of exposure, kneeling and beaten, but this kind of video has become a showdown for male entertainers. That's the reality, isn't it? "

This kind of thing happens to a lot of ordinary people, doesn't it? (the first titanium media in this article, author / Yellow Chicken)

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BIGBANG over South Korea this big show far away it's not over.

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