Foreign media: Apple intends to acquire Intel German modem chip division

[TechWeb] June 12 news, according to foreign media reports, after the cooperation with Intel for a short-lived smart phone modem chip, Apple finally chose to reconcile with Qualcomm in April, and reached a number of patent licensing agreements and chip supply. protocol.

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Although Apple has settled with Qualcomm and reached a chip supply agreement, Apple has not given up plans to study its own modem chips. Foreign media reported a few days ago that Apple is in talks to buy Intel's German modem chip division, a acquisition that will accelerate the process of Apple's self-research modem chips.

Foreign media, which cited sources, reported that Apple is negotiating with Intel to acquire the latter's modem chip division in Germany, in which foreign media predicted that if the acquisition is in line, Intel's hundreds of modem chips will join Apple.

Apple and Intel have cooperated with modem chips. They have supplied modem chips for Apple's iPhone. After Apple and Qualcomm entered the legal battle due to patent licensing fees, Qualcomm refused to supply chips for Apple's new iPhone in 2018. All of the iPhones such as the iPhone XR that Apple introduced last year used Intel's modem chips.

But on the 5G modem chip, there are rumors that Intel's process can't meet Apple's request to launch 5G iPhone in 2020.

Apple and QUALCOMM also announced a settlement on April 16 this year. Both sides have revoked all the global litigation in progress, ending more than two years of legal war. After reaching a multi-year patent license agreement and chip supply agreement, Apple also plans to adopt QUALCOMM's 5G modem in the iPhone launched in 2020.

After Apple's Qualcomm settlement, Intel, which is in an awkward position, also adjusted its plans, announcing the abandonment of the 5G modem chip business just hours after Apple reached a settlement with Qualcomm, followed by reports that Intel was interested in selling some of its modem chips.

Intel's modem chip division is distributed in many parts of the world. Apple's intention to acquire Intel's German modem chip division is one of the stronger in the Intel modem chip division.

Foreign media also mentioned in the report that Apple and Intel have started to discuss the acquisition of the latter's modem chip division last year, but the ongoing negotiations are not necessarily successful and may end in vain.

From the reports of foreign media, Apple is looking at Intel's modem chip division in Germany, or to develop its own modem chip. Foreign media said in the report that although Apple has reached a chip supply agreement with Qualcomm for many years, in the future, Apple intends to reduce its reliance on Qualcomm by developing its own modem.

However, foreign media also said in the report that it will take several years for Apple's own modem to be put into use. When Apple hired modem chip personnel in San Diego, California, it also told candidates that they expected that the self-developed modem chip would not. Launched before 2025, this means that in Apple's view, their self-developed modem chip will take at least six years to get into the application. (Chilli)

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