Suning 618 pushes new service: plus 3 yuan "just on time" service to lose money early and late

[TechWeb] May 15 news, at today's 618 press conference, SUNING president Hou Enlong said that Su Ning wants to build an hour service circle, so that users in the circle can enjoy a variety of fast and affordable services. At the same time, Su Ning said that only need to add 3 yuan, "just in time" service early to late to lose money.


Su Ning said that to build an hour of life circle, Su Ning shop APP issued an order, promised to reach 3 km 1 hour, mobile phones, life appliances can be sent. It is reported that in order to ensure a 3-kilometer 1-hour life circle, Su Ning gathered more than 6000 Su Ning stores, more than 2000 pre-built warehouses, covering 40000 communities.

In addition, in the middle of this 618, Suning will sink to more off-line markets, including 5,000 Suining, an easy-to-buy county town store, offering 30365 + 46 service commitments, claiming that 30 days are more expensive.

Hou Enlong also said that at present, Su Ning's 48-hour installation capacity, county and town coverage of 100% 24-hour installation capacity, county localization capacity of 86%; The half-day delivery service is expected to cover 800 counties during the 618 period, and the coverage of good service will become more and more extensive in the future.

Suning 618 push add 3 yuan punctuality up early arrival late arrival lose money

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