Box horse CEO speaks out about China's retail industry: various unreasonable channel construction has caused widespread corruption

Box horse CEO Tucao China retail industry: all kinds of unreasonable channel construction caused widespread corruption

Ma Yun’s group gathered a group of executives who were as good at him as he was, and now he has added one – Box Horse CEO Hou Yi.

At the box horse supplier partnership meeting on August 9, Hou yi aimed at the traditional retail industry and fully opened its fire: " China's retail industry lags behind the world by more than ten years. when the world's most advanced retail industry arrives in China, it is better to say that it is alienated and worse to say that it is corrupted. "

"When these retail businesses come to China, they will only sell the counter, transfer all the responsibilities and risks to the suppliers, increase the price and let the consumers do not buy more cost-effective goods, so China's foreign retail industry is completely withdrawing from the Chinese market." He said.

Hou yi said that in China, there is a serious imbalance between supply and demand. China's retail industry is not consumer - oriented, but supplier - oriented. what does the supplier sell to the retail industry?

This situation will breed corruption. Hou yi said: " supplier benefit orientation often establishes a complete set of grey systems, even a set of grandiose systems, making it into multi-channel construction, what ka channels, what catering channels, what wholesale channels ... in order to maintain its privilege as a supplier, the so-called cost of suppliers, and the establishment of various unreasonable channel construction, I believe this channel construction is not available in the world and is a unique channel construction in China. It is precisely because of the construction of these channels that retailers have enjoyed their success, causing widespread corruption in the retail industry today. "

"The box horse does not charge the supplier any entrance fee, promotion fee, new product fee and other traditional retail industry a wide range of channel fees." Hou Yi said, "We must put an end to corruption, and we have expelled corrupt elements in it. This is a common phenomenon in the industry, which is heartbreaking."

He appealed to the retail industry to return to the essence, to return to the responsibility that retail trade representatives around the world should bear, and to the business philosophy that the retail industry should bear.

“In order to ensure profits and pass the risks on to the operators, the retail industry is just a real estate operator, a counter operator, a shelf operator, not a consumer to operate goods and build channels. This phenomenon must be completely changed. ."

After painfully approving the corruption of the industry, Hou Yi announced that Box Ma will launch a buyer system, which is also the core of the new zero-supply relationship: “The best way to solve corruption is to buy a hand. Only when the buyer’s system is realized is the opposite. The most effective way to corrupt."

“Boxma has established a buyer system since the first day. We have established our own brand system since the first day. From the first day, our products are purchased from all over the world. Today we have one A very strong global buyer team, we will implement such a buyer system."

Hou yi called on more than 500 major brand suppliers present here to tailor a new retail channel for boxhorse, " very simple, I don't want all kinds of channel fees for your entrance fee and new product fee. you really give me the price. we hope that the new zero supply relationship will return to the essence of retail industry. "

Hou Yi announced that the box horse will not charge the supplier any entrance fee, promotion fee, new product fee and other channel fees.

According to his assumption: "Suppliers do good product research and development, production, and ensure the quality of goods. Retailers do a good job in consumer service, do a good job in channel construction. You do yours, I do mine, things in retail, please everyone Don't participate in us, our counters don't want you to manage, our goods don't want you to help us send a lot of promoters to come in, our shelves don't guarantee that sales are not sold, our goods are sold. Don't let yourself deal with it, don't let me do it for me. We want to turn this thing into a real relationship, each taking their own responsibility and returning to the way retail in the world should have, not the way of alienation. Because of China's retail industry Once the hill was king, the days were very good, so it became a retail industry. The new retail relationship of Box Horse is very simple. You are yours, I am my, I don’t want to mix in with you. You are yours, returning the expenses that should have been made to the retail industry to the box horse, and the box horse returns this part of the cost to the consumer, turning our price into a truly competitive one. Grid, if you can not do this, China's retail industry has no future. "

Hou yi also threatened the suppliers present -

" those who do not change must be given up, even the world's first brand. " today's prices of many commodities are still high. we found that China's commodities are already the highest in the world. let's go to adidas and have a look. their commodities are about 1 / 5 of our ( domestic ) prices. why are our prices so high? Suppliers should ask themselves. If you need a reward policy, I can accept it, but it is very difficult for us to accept that you put part of your profits into the year-end rebate and maintain what you call channel construction. We hope you can give me the lowest price at a time. you think this price is the lowest. if your goods are competitive on the world stage, then we will purchase them. if not, we can only give up. This reminds me of what ma yun said to the present tee Yida at the rookie logistics conference in 2016: " I will put it bluntly, no matter how hard you work or not, one billion packages will not change in one day. Whether they agree or disagree, at least half of the people here will not be here in ten years. "

Hou Yi's tone is quite a horse style. Perhaps it is because of such a group of people that Ma Yun can safely go to Africa to do public welfare and protect wildlife.

Specifically, Hou yi raised four expectations for suppliers -

1. Establish new retail channels, hoping that real prices will yield benefits to consumers. 2. Establish information exchange and data sharing with suppliers to ensure that upstream and downstream information is integrated and efforts are under way to develop downstream supply chain systems. Just looked at big data analysis, this is today we have implemented all the big data analysis. 3. Establish a system of origin and food traceability. Box horses are also the first time to track agricultural products to consumers. It turns out that our original products can be traced back to the source, but cannot be traced back to consumers. There is no transaction data. Because we're all digital, digital forms. So box horse in the world for the first time to achieve the source to the consumer all the way back, hope that suppliers and box horse together to establish this complete traceability system. 4. Eliminate intermediate links, improve supply chain efficiency, reduce costs, and make profits to consumers. Hope more manufacturers join the box horse team.

" we have a strong determination to push forward the establishment of the new zero supply relationship. even if only 1 % of the people are willing to change with me today, we are willing to try our best. "

Hou yi said: " we are willing to step on these pits. "

In front of the future, you and I are both children, and do not download the app of tiger sniff to sniff out innovations!

Box horse CEO toast retail variety channel corruption

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