Thermaltake gaming table release price of 8179 yuan

[TechWeb]On May 11, Thermaltake announced the launch of Level20RGB electric competition table for 1199 dollars, or 8179yuan.

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The table is surrounded by RGB lights and can be synchronized with software to support Alexa and Razer Chroma lighting, according to foreign media reports. Also can electric adjustment and memory height, can remember four different height adjustments. Its height can be adjusted between 70 cm and 110 cm, and the desktop size is 165 cm x 75 cm.

The electric competition table uses the high density dense board, not only the border uses the solid metal material, the table board also has the nearly 3 centimeters thick, causes the overall durability to greatly improves, the maximum load bearing can reach 150 kilograms. At the same time, the competitive table also uses special scrape-resistant and wear-resistant coatings to enhance durability and increase the service life of the products. The material on the surface of the table is suitable for mouse rolling and no longer need to spread the mouse pad.

The weight is 75 kg and the selling price is 1199 US dollars, which is about 8179 yuan.

Thermaltake electricity competition table release hair price 8179 yuan

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