New Oxygen 2019 China Double Eyelid Consumption Report: 10% of Head Heads Occupy 65% ​​Surgery

[TechWeb] on June 12, New oxygen, a domestic medical beauty platform that has just been listed in the United States, released the 2019 China double eyelid consumption report, which was taken from May 2018 to April 2019. In the past year, more than 50,000 people have turned into double eyelids through new oxygen, up 99.59 percent from a year earlier, the report said.

On the new oxygen platform, a total of 1,259 regular institutions of the 1999 regular doctors provided double eyelid surgery services, of which 10% of the head organs accounted for 65.60% of the operation, and 10% of the head doctors accounted for 58.31% of the operation.

The demand for head medical resources is strong. How can you find the one who can give yourself the perfect double eyelid among thousands of doctors? The report analyzes and concludes that formal institutions, regular doctors, doctors have expertise and rich experience, and consumers generally recognize the aesthetics of doctors.

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In addition, in terms of population, new oxygen big data shows that women are more willing to change double eyelids, 92.32 percent of Chinese double eyelid consumers are women in 2019. Among them, the post-90s is the main age group of single-eyelid surgery, 20 ≤ 25 years old accounted for 44.05%. Although the overall proportion of the post-70 population is not high, but the proportion of 46 / 50 years old has increased by more than 100% compared with the same period last year. In addition to removing fat skin through double eyelid surgery, they also have anti-aging needs such as pouch removal, with rigid demand, high customer unit price characteristics, and the future growth potential can be expected.

From the time trend, March is the most common time for people to consult double eyelid surgery. In June, the number of appointments for double eyelid surgery peaked. In July, the amount of surgery for double eyelids reached its peak, and it was increased before the digestion in September. Users with needs can choose the wrong peak reservation.

Oxygen 2019 double eyelids consumption report 10% head body occupation super 65% surgery volume

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