Whether the washing machine chooses the pulsator or the roller in the end.


The answer is, the wheel is good.

Many people who changed their original pulsator washing machine into a washing machine for the drum washing machine, are you surprised by such an answer? Not unexpected? Is this for the sake of God?

Round1 washing machine is used to wash clothes, so if you value the ability to clean. . .

Cleanliness is that the wheel is most of the situation better than the drum, because there is a miracle, before the use of the old wheel washing machine even washed jeans, this is jeans ah, because of durability and is worn by gold diggers in jeans ah!? The basic principle of a washing machine is to twist clean clothes to make them clean.

What about the drum washing machine? By beating? Don't tease, then there is no point in height hitting. The way to remove stains from the drum washing machine is mainly to decontaminate by high temperature heating and gentle beating.

In the test reports of some evaluation organizations, it will appear that the cleaning ability of drum washing machine is higher than that of wave wheel. Because in the test, the evaluation organization uses a piece of clothing, because the water level of the drum washing machine itself is low, but it is still no problem to cover a piece of clothing, so the high temperature may perform better in the decontamination ability than the wave wheel. But in the vast majority of cases where we use it ourselves, the conclusion is the opposite, unless you want one piece to do the laundry, even if you save water and wash a T-shirt in an hour.

Therefore, if you value the ability to clean, the pulsator is better.

Round 2 laundry experience, the drum may perform a little bette

Drum washing machine characteristics: less damage to clothing, water saving, dehydration performance is better, the operation is often more convenient;

Features of wave wheel washing machine: cleaner washing, shorter washing time and less noise (it can also be very convenient for.).

If you want to take into account the experience, it is true that the drum will be a little better than the wheel, because after all, less water will be used, and clothes can hardly tie knots (but you should be careful not to put too many clothes in, or the drum will tie knots as well). Clothing damage is also the advantage of the drum, without considering the heat resistance of clothes, it can take into account the protection and cleaning effect of clothes, afraid of high temperature clothes are not suitable for washing with rollers.

Of course, the wheel also has the advantage of experience, for example, the washing time of the wheel can be very short, many products can be washed within the 20min, also because the water level is high, you can put down a lot of clothes at once, if your clothes are cotton T-shirts, Well, there is no problem with the wheel, because no matter how small the damage, its life is so short, overall, the experiential performance of the drum will be better.

Round 3 sensitive price issue, the pulsator has an advantage

The wheel washing machine has an advantage in price, of course, no matter which kind of product has the high end and the low end, the drum also has the cheap, and the wave wheel will also appear the expensive product. Generally speaking, the price of the washing machine is still much cheaper than the washing machine.

In my opinion, if it is not one step to choose a high-end drum washing machine with good washing effect and experience, it does not need to be limited to the so-called "mainstream" of the market. In the three rounds of competition, we can also see the advantages of the washing machine, if you are a tenant, or limited financial capacity, then the washing machine is really not as bad as you think.

Tips: Regarding the washing effect, I once asked a friend who worked in the washing machine factory for many years (both pulsator and drum). The answer he gave me was: the pulsator can be used, the most important thing is the detergent. . . . For your reference only.

Washing machine to the end to the wheel to the drum to the answer to the accident.

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