Female college students sell eggs in the black market for apple iPhone: 10, 000 almost lost their lives


Eight years ago, there were high school boys who bought apples for the iPhone, and now there are female college students selling eggs for the iPhone. According to the "Jiangsu News" micro-signal report, a female college student in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, saw a text message and a small advertisement for selling eggs, went to surgery, and the reason for selling eggs was actually to buy an Apple mobile phone.

According to the report, the female university student saw a small advertisement for “donating egg volunteers” on the partition of the school public toilet one day. Because the reward was very high, after adding the QQ number above, the other party told her: selling eggs There is no harm to the body, only need to take an injection every day, after half an month to take out the egg, you can earn one or two thousand.

After the girl agreed to the deal, she then injected ovulation-inducing drugs at each other's address every day. More than 10 days later, she took out the eggs at a small clinic and received a total of 10000 yuan. She also bought the iPhone smoothly, but she almost lost her life in a few days.

Since this black market transaction was to promote ovulation drugs for more than 10 consecutive days, when she went to the hospital, her ovaries were abnormally enlarged, slightly larger than the newborn's head. Her stomach was like a balloon in just a few days. 'Hit' is so big, there is a lot of ascites in the stomach, as well as pleural effusion, breathing is very painful, irregular use and abuse of the needle is the root cause of girls with excessive irritation syndrome.

The doctor said that more than 5,000 milliliters of ascites was taken from the girl's stomach, about ten kilograms. Fortunately, the treatment was timely, and she is now recovering well.

Online searches have found that every year people who are dying of life or infertility due to egg black market transactions are mainly young women.

Female college student buy apple iPhone black market sell egg get it 10 000 almost throw life

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