The headmaster confessed to the graduate video became popular netizen: other people's headmaster!

Recently, the principal’s confession of the relevant topics of the graduates triggered a hot discussion among the netizens. The principal imitated the iron man’s confession and encouraged the high school students. The netizen praised “the principal of others”.

The headmaster confessed to the graduate: my alma mater loved you more than three thousand times

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On June 2nd, the first middle school of Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia held a graduation ceremony for 2019. The headmaster Tang Junwen brought a speech to the students, and the golden sentence frequently appeared on the hot search.

"do the problem for a while, always have a good time"; "whether it is" my boy "or" my daughter ", all go to" run ", all go to" day by day "."

Principal confession graduate

Just after President Tang delivered his speech, a picture of the headmaster turning into Iron Man appeared on the big screen, and he told the students that "my alma mater loves you more than 3,000 times." on June 3, the headmaster's video of imitating Iron Man confession graduates quickly went to the Internet. Many netizens said they liked the headmaster.

It is reported that "the alma mater loves you more than three thousand times" stems from the movie "Avengers League 4", Iron Man in the dialogue with his daughter good night, Iron Man said to Morgan: I love you a thousand times! And Morgan said to him: a thousand times is not enough, I love you three thousand times!

Principal confession graduate video popular netizen other people principal

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