Attracting data Talent: new entrants to IBM Program

To attract and train more data scientists, IBM has launched an in-house student program and partnered with The Open Group to establish new certification standards, according to siliconANGLE, a foreign media. Currently, there are more than 150,000 data science jobs in the United States.

It is understood that The Open Group is a global alliance of approximately 625 member companies dedicated to the development of open, vendor-neutral technical standards and certifications. At the same time, these certification standards have undergone peer review and practice.

Of course, not all businesses can be quantified to standard certification, and data science is a combination of technical skills and creativity. For IBM, there are three levels of certification and support through the internal badge program.

In addition, IBM is also trying to attract young employees who have no traditional background or even a college degree through an in-house student program. Among IBM's new employees, 10%-15% do not have a traditional four-year degree.

This is a 24-month program that provides education, mentoring, and hands-on experience for young people who want to become Open Group-certified data scientists through Level 1 certification.

Ana Echeverri, head of IBM's data science development strategy, said that IBM does not value degrees, but "people with strong curiosity, continuous learning and analytical skills."

The program is a US Department of Labor registration program, and the US Department of Labor will provide IBM with funding, qualifications, and tax incentives. Echeverri said that these projects are commercially significant in the tight labor market.

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