Meizu 16S ultimate shape exposure: the appearance of 16th edge

[TechWeb] December 10, we know that Meizu will release the new flagship Meizu 16s early next year, and Meizu founder Huang Zhang has repeatedly said that he will not use the full screen hole, so what exactly Meizu 16s would look like? Now there is the latest news, in Huang Zhang and Meizu's interaction, we can see some clues.


Recently, Huang Zhang once again appeared in the Meizu Forum and interacted with the charm friends. The charm friend @KiritoTokyo made a imaginary map of Meizu 16S, and this imaginary figure was highly recognized by Huang Zhang: "Well, there is a pursuit. The fascinating friend knows me. The ultimate goal is similar to this. The current technical chin is wider than this.” This fully demonstrates that the information displayed in this picture has a very high reference value.

Judging from the imagination, Meizu 16s does not use a hole screen, but a design similar to the Meizu 16th series, but the upper and lower edges of the new machine are further narrowed and stacked up and down into equal width and are more beautiful, of course. This is only an imaginary picture, although it has been highly appraised by Huang Zhang, it is still to be confirmed whether the width of the upper and lower border is the same. In addition, in the extremely narrow upper border, the receiver and front camera and other components are arranged.

The yellow chapter is also described in detail for the frame width problem proposed by kerosene. He said the actual size of the left and right border of each big brand is about 3.5mm, the left and right border of the iPhone X is above 4mm, the chin is about 4.7mm, and the other brand's chin is above 6 mm. ”And for the borders of the 16s next year,“ estimates that the chin will also be above 5. X mm next year, of course, this is related to the antenna unless the antenna is extended to the left and right borders and the left and right borders are widened, otherwise the antenna performance will be affected. My direction is to do not widen the frame of the left and right, make the chin the most narrow, then try to make the upper border close to the width of the chin. "

Meizu 16s will be the first mobile phone to carry the brand new Qualcomm flagship processor, Cellon 855, while 8GB memory and off-screen fingerprint recognition will not be absent. We'll see more details.

Meizu 16S ultimate shape exposure use 16th appearance bottom very narrow

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