The audience of the new consumption salon is enthusiastic

On the afternoon of April 12th, in the dream space of Chengdu, the gathering place of IFS, the 2019 New Consumer Salon invited 8 industry heavyweights to share their themes of “Yan value economy and good-looking ability”. Unique thinking, as well as prospects for “beauty and experience” and “good-looking business value”.

The following is a guest sentence compiled by the Institute. (More guest insights, you can download the Titanium Media App for the latest information)

GE Xiaomeng, head of the network celebrity operation of Weibo e-commerce:

The essence of the e-commerce red business model is that Net Red has established a trust mechanism through long-term interaction and fans, which in turn affects the consumption decisions of fans. In this process, the value of the face is the basis of everything.

Cong Lulu, head of Dr. CGO, cloves in clove garden:

“Service Awareness” is the most missing part of China's medical industry. We often line up for three hours online and see a doctor for two minutes. Through the Internet, we have to answer the questions that have not been answered offline, so that users can get more than expected services. The dermatology-related needs account for the highest proportion of online consultations, and the offline related scenes are also the easiest to Internet.


Meitu relies on technology to help users achieve diversity. Mito Mirror is the perfect combination of AR and AI technology in the field of “Yan value”. 90% of the beauty retail consumption comes from offline. Mito Mirror effectively reduces the cost of offline makeup, and its daily average usage time is up to 300 minutes. The average daily SKU is more than 10, and the user has nearly doubled the original purchase intention after using it.



Luo Ke Technology General Manager of Chengdu Operations Center, the founding member of Elvis Presley Design Partner Cao Hongyuan:

At the beginning of the design of Elvis Radio, we think it is more than a radio. It is still a gift, it can be put into a pocket, and it can evoke your memories. To be a brand, the most important thing is the product, not the card. The beauty of the product is not only good-looking, but behind the good-looking is the emotional interaction, which is used for a long time in the interaction process.

Titanium cabin manager Julia Sun:

Titanium empty cabin is a boutique e-commerce platform under the titanium media. It is a platform for selecting products for technology, creativity, fashion, fashion, etc. It is also one of the organizers of this event. In order to meet the theme of this value economy, I chose a lot of high-value technology and good things to set in the theme flash zone. Welcome everyone to pay attention to understanding and create a beautiful future life together.



A new generation of consumers is highly aesthetic and insightful. They need to achieve superiority and achieve better personality in each consumer behavior and consumption outcome. Rejecting everything may be labeled as “low” or “not cool”. "Consumer behavior."


To create a beautiful offline scene, we think about how to attract people's attention, make him interested in this thing, want to have it, and be willing to share it after paying for it.

Roundtable Forum: What is the premium of "good-looking"?

Ding Wenyao, founding partner of Yunqi Capital:

The next stage of the economy may be in the era of “experience economy”. “Experience economy”, as its name implies, will create a comprehensive experience for users and consumers, including how to create beauty, and how to work in such a shared office. Waiting for the space to create a multi-level experience, starting from this way to do your own innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the exchange, the other two round table guests also mentioned their unique insights on this topic. Wang Wei, vice president of the US market, said: "The next decade must be the era of universal medical beauty." Cao Hongyuan, general manager of Luoke Technology Chengdu Operations Center and founder of Elvis Presley Design Partner, said: "Consumption trends, more important It’s about paying attention to people, what is the core needs of people.” (More guest insights, you can download Titanium Media App for the latest information)

The audience asked the round table guests


Titanium empty cabin "small private warehouse" theme flashes


Photon skin rejuvenation instrument "forever" your beauty, blue light hair removal instrument makes a lot of young ladies and sisters red, and many cute and interesting creative products sprouted the audience, and the tide to the explosion of the titanium empty cabin flash shop instantly became "Net red photo punch card"!

What kind of scene is "good looking" in our lives? What is the definition of “beauty” for everyone? We believe that "experience good looks" and "all people seeking beauty" will be the new consumption proposition of the next decade. The Institute will always pay attention to and participate in it. Let us look forward to the next stop of the 2019 new consumption salon!

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All people seeking beauty next ten years good-looking one business ability

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