FCC decides to auction key frequency bands of 2.5GHz spectrum to help promote 5G development


[TechWeb] on July 11, according to foreign media reports, on Wednesday, local time, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided to auction a key band of the underutilized 2.5GHz spectrum to help promote the development of the next generation of 5G wireless networks and abandoned the requirement to use it in the field of education.

2.5GHz spectrum is the main spectrum of the next generation mobile service (including 5G). Since 1995, the use of this spectrum has been severely restricted.

The medium band spectrum was reserved for the Education Broadband Service in the 1960 s. At present, Sprint uses the leased spectrum of 2.5GHz band in its existing 4G network and the upcoming 5G network. The company's spectrum is a key part of Sprint and T-Mobile 's proposed $26 billion merger and 5G plan.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said the committee is taking an important step toward releasing the key mid-band spectrum of 5G. Ultimately, the committee will remove restrictions on the band, allowing current users to have greater flexibility in using the spectrum and introducing spectrum for auctions to ensure the highest value of this public resource.

In a letter dated 7 June, the U. S. Ministry of Education told the Federal Communications Commission that it should keep the "Requirements for use of education" of the spectrum, and recommend the allocation of licence revenue to help those who are unable to access the Internet to do their homework.

On Wednesday, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also voted to establish procedures for the upcoming high-band spectrum auction, saying it would be the largest spectrum auction in the history of the United States. The bidding is scheduled to begin in December. (Little Fox)

FCC Auction 2 5GHz Spectrum Critical Band Propulsion 5G.

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