Zhengzhou Unicom urges 2G to 3/4G not to voice network is not guaranteed


On January 22, Zhengzhou Unicom public number issued a notice urging 2G users to transfer 3/4G services. The announcement stated that 2G network users need to carry ID documents to Unicom business hall for 2G to 3/4G business before January 31, 2019. If not handled, 2G network services may be affected, and voice and network quality will not be guaranteed.

Zhengzhou Unicom urges 2G to 3/4G not to voice network is not guaranteed

As early as April last year, China Unicom said it would move ahead in an orderly way to reduce the frequency of 2G networks. 4G mobile networks have become fully popular and deployment of 5G networks is approaching. From the international point of view, 2 G network exit service is the general trend, many operators have closed 2 G network. In order to make users fully enjoy the consumption dividend brought by network upgrade, China Unicom is fully promoting the consumption upgrade of 2G customers to 4G network.

At that time, China Unicom said that in the process of 2G withdrawal, it will take various preferential measures such as free replacement of mobile phone cards, free experience flow, and preferential purchases to help existing 2G customers upgrade to 4G networks. In the process, existing 2G customer service is not affected at all.

Nowadays, the service of China Unicom of 2G users is not guaranteed, and it also shows that Unicom is accelerating the removal of 2G equipment.

This month, Hunan Unicom has opened the first batch of 5G signals, which is 40-60 times faster than 4G, which is much faster than the current 1000 megabits.

Zhengzhou Unicom urge 2G turn 3/4 turn voice network guarantee

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