Big debate (1): Support! China should develop commercial space at this stage.

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When it comes to commercial aerospace, some friends may still feel a little strange, but I believe that even if you are not familiar with commercial aerospace, you must have heard of SpaceX. Musk is also an idol of many young people. In fact, in China, the development of commercial aerospace is also in full swing. 2015 is known as the first year of China's commercial aerospace, and a large number of new companies in commercial aerospace, such as Blue Arrow Space, Tianyi Research Institute, and Hacker Space, have emerged. Is the speed of commercial aerospace development beyond the imagination in the country, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Hello everyone! This is Yang Feng, CEO of Tianyi Research Institute. Today my view is that China should develop commercial spaceflight at this stage.

I often communicate with all kinds of investors, leaders of space authorities, experts in the space system, the media, and the public. I find that some people are not very supportive of commercial space.

These people have a commonality. In fact, they do not understand commercial space and have misunderstandings about commercial space. Often after I communicate with them, they will have some changes in opinion.

Therefore, my main purpose today is to introduce you to commercial spaceflight.

First of all, I would like to repeat this debate, which is: should China develop commercial spaceflight at this stage? The subject is "China", so what we are talking about today is mainly at the national level.

The Commercial Space is the Space of the Market Economy

Let's disassemble the debate first.

The first part, what is commercial space?

In fact, many people have misunderstood the definition of commercial space.

First of all, commercial aerospace is not equal to private aerospace. The opposite of private aerospace is state-owned space.

The commercial space is not equal to the private space

For example, the "Hongyan constellation" and "Jilong" rockets of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group, including the "long March 11" (carrier rocket), are actually commercial rockets, all of which are commercial spaceflight.

In addition, commercial space is not equal to civil space, and military space is opposite to civil space.

Commercial spaceflight is not equal to civil spaceflight

Let me give you an example, such as the high-scoring series of satellites, which belong to civil aerospace, but it is neither military aerospace nor commercial aerospace.

So, what is commercial aerospace?

The opposite side of commercial spaceflight is actually a planned spaceflight.

Plan aerospace, we will give a definition, as long as it is through the national mission, it is planned aerospace.

By judging market demand, taking on investment risks, and then selling products and services, we all call it commercial aerospace.

Commercial space is not only what private enterprises can do, but also for the national team, but also for the military to gain value through commercial space.

We believe that commercial aerospace is a way to accelerate space from a planned economy to a market economy. Few industries in China are still planned, and space is one of the only few.

Therefore, commercial aerospace is an aerospace market economy, not a planned economy.

Commercial space is the only way for China to become a space power

Second, why is the importance of commercial space and commercial space?

Just now we said that commercial aerospace is an aerospace market economy. The advantage of the market economy is that the best way to allocate resources and funds is to rely on the market.

The market can mobilize manpower, material resources and financial resources more widely, and realize the construction of resources.

After the shareholding system, the European railway was built overnight, which illustrates the power and means of the market.

With such a large investment in space, such a big risk, we originally relied on the will of the country and relied on the country's strong economic strength.

Is there another way? Does it have to depend on the country? Not necessarily。

We can look at the examples of the United States and the Soviet Union.

When the United States, the Soviet Space Competition, the United States of America took most of the cost, but it fully mobilized the commercial power, let more willing to invest in the construction of space, so the United States space has achieved the future prosperity.

In contrast to the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union had only one means at the time, that is, state investment. Because the large amount of state investment into the space, resulting in the collapse of the national economy, the state's strength was eventually weakened.

The lessons of the Soviet Union tell us that playing commercial aerospace will not die, and not playing commercial aerospace will die.

Why do we want to reform and open up, why do we want state-owned enterprise reform, why do we want military and civilian integration, why do we want commercial space? In fact, the reasons are the same.

We are now a big space power, and then we want to become a space power, the gap is still quite large. We should use more efforts to mobilize more forces and build more resources in a short period of time.

The socialist market economy has two hands, one hand is the tangible hand of the state's macro-control, and the other hand is the invisible hand of the market economy.

The country has seen that the aerospace development must use the invisible hand of the market economy to mobilize the general trend of funds and resources. Therefore, three years ago, private enterprises and social resources were allowed to enter the aerospace field for development.

Therefore, commercial aerospace is the invisible hand of this market economy. Commercial aerospace is the only way for China to reach a space power. This is beyond doubt. No matter how it is argued, I feel that there is no law to argue. This is a certain problem.

China should develop Commercial Aerospace at the present stage

The question we need to debate now is actually the third point, that is, at this stage, should China develop commercial aerospace?

The answer is yes.

At the same time, this kind of enthusiasm and rapid development of the people has also promoted the vitality of state-owned aerospace. Now state-owned aerospace is also actively taking the initiative to strengthen investment, accelerate the development of the original aerospace model, and then develop commercial aerospace.

In three years, China's commercial aerospace has achieved very gratifying results.

Achievements in the Development of China's Commercial Aerospace

For example, "long March 11" and "Caizhou 1" have been successfully launched many times. "Jilong" and "Caizhou 11" are being developed. Although the rockets of private companies have not yet been successful, they have achieved very good results.

In the field of commercial satellites, our long-light satellites have launched 11 and Orbit have launched 7, which has been able to provide good commercial remote sensing services.

The Institute has also launched eight satellites and four by the end of the year (as of January 2019, Tianyi had successfully launched 12 satellites). We are providing on-track scientific research services for dozens of business users at home and abroad, and even Mr. Xu, the host, is my client.

The "Hongyan Constellation" of Aerospace Science and Technology and the "Hongyun Constellation" of Aerospace Science and Technology will launch the first star at the end of the year, which will provide broadband and narrowband communication services for the Chinese market and the "Belt and Road" market in the future.

The achievements of commercial spaceflight in the past three years have been very good, and the early development of commercial spaceflight in other countries in the world has not been so fast.

We have achieved so many achievements. Why do we still want to talk about whether China is developing commercial space at this stage? I don't understand very much.

Now that we have determined that the direction is in the right direction and that it is inevitable to determine the trend, when can we start doing it? Just because you're in trouble, you're not doing it?

We are all astronauts. When the older generation of astronauts did not exist in the early days of liberation, he would say that there are such problems and problems, so should we not engage in aerospace? Shouldn't we engage in aerospace at this stage?

Has anyone discussed it during the reform and opening up? Now it is not allowed, and it is not allowed. Should it be reformed and opened up?

Great men have said that reform and opening up, dare to experiment, can not be like a small foot woman, must boldly try, boldly break through.

I think a lot of things, conservative people see problems, and optimistic people see opportunities.

In my opinion, the environment of Chinese commercial spaceflight is very good.

Development Environment of Commercial Aerospace in China

First, the capital market, I think it is very prosperous now.

China already has a group of very good investors, they have very good judgment, business cognition and investment experience, as well as very good international influence.

At present, China's commercial aerospace rocket and satellite head projects have already received about 100 million yuan of investment in about 10 yuan.

Although it is not as prosperous as the United States, it is already much stronger than Europe. Many European counterparts are very envious of their Chinese counterparts and can have such capital leverage.

Second, talent, commercial space needs a lot of leading talents and youth backbone.

Talent flow is a very normal thing, if there is no commercial aerospace talent in the traditional industry, it may have been lost to the Internet, finance, communications industry. What is wrong with the existence of us and the fact that spaceflight people are doing spaceflight in the same way as they do in different places?

Third, technology.

Traditional aerospace has been in the past decade for closed reasons, especially in the field of information technology, which has lagged behind the mobile, communications industry and the Internet.

The traditional system is difficult to change due to its conservativeness, reliability and inertia of the industry. Commercial aerospace can quickly open up technical exchanges between aerospace and other advantageous industries, and open up technical exchanges between China and abroad to accelerate space. Advances in technology.

Fourth, policy.

The spacesuit is suitable for the people, the original commercial aerospace is the embodiment of the national policy of military and civilian integration in aerospace. Now the country has a lot of good policies, and the government leaders also support commercial aerospace from top to bottom. I think it is almost the same as the United States, and it is full of advantages over Europe.

Only one market. How the market is profitable, this is actually a point where many people attack commercial aerospace.

In fact, it is not unclear, it is not impossible, but you do not understand.

At this stage, we are still laying the foundation, or when we are developing, there will be a lot of market and profitable space in the future.

Americans and Europeans are already ahead, and we can learn their experiences and lessons to open up the Chinese market and establish our profitability, and then we can enter the international market in the future and compete with them.

In general, the first point is that commercial space is defined as space for a market economy. Second, commercial space is the only way for China to become a space power. But why now?

Because the great man told us:``How many things, never urgent;The world turns, the light is forced;For a long time in 10,000 years, it was only for a long time. ``.

I am Yang Feng, CEO of Tianyi Research Institute. My point is that commercial aerospace should be developed now. thank you all!

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