Tang Weicheng Baidu map new spokesperson: charming voice navigation package online


Today, Baidu map officially announced that Tang Wei has become the spokesperson of the new Baidu map. At the same time, Tang Wei's fascinating voice and Tang Wei voice two navigation voice packages have been launched on Baidu map and are available for free download.

According to the official introduction, after downloading, there are two ways to use the Tang Wei voice pack:

1. Intelligent voice operation

1, open Baidu map, call "small degree"

2, after the response, say: "Switch Tang Wei's voice package", you can automatically switch Tang Wei for you to navigate.

Second, manual operation - more choices

1. Open Baidu map, the personal center in the upper left corner of the motor;

2. After entering, select “Star Navigation”, you can choose Tang Wei for your navigation, and Yang Yang and other stars are waiting for you.

Not long ago, Baidu Maps released version v10.11.0, aimed at driving, ride-hailing, riding, commuting and other scenarios, and launched "driving terminal intelligence guide", "car mixed distribution", "riding multiple routes." Reference guide, "quick view of the fastest program to work," and a series of humanized functions.

Tang Wei Cheng Baidu map spokesperson charming voice navigation package online

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