Amazon cloud business CEO Jassy: split Amazon will not bring benefits

[TechWeb] A few days ago, the Washington Post reported that the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was about to investigate Amazon's news, and it also reported that it would split Amazon. In this regard, Amazon Cloud Business (AWS) CEO Andy Jassy said that although he believes that there is no obvious benefit in separating the AWS business from Amazon, if the US government plans to take enforcement measures, Amazon will obey the arrangement.

Amazon has launched cloud business services since 2006, accounting for 13% of the company's sales and nearly half of its operating profit in the first quarter of its launch. Amazon currently has the largest market share among vendors that include public cloud services such as Alibaba, Google and Microsoft.

Mr. Jassy said he was not sure whether Amazon employees were surprised by the recent regulatory wave facing the company. ``As you can create multiple customer experiences in different business areas, your business size will become larger and larger. I think you'll have more reviews as your business grows. ``.



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