Lawyer AMI denies racketeering Bezos: just for the truth

Sina Science and Technology News Beijing time on the morning of February 11, according to the US Today report, the lawyer of the CEO of AMI, the parent company of the National Enquirer, said that The company's correspondence with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is not suspected of any wrongdoing.

Elkan Abramowitz, the attorney of AMI's chief executive David Pecker, told reporters on Sunday: "This is by no means blackmail or blackmail."

On Thursday, Bezos posted a blog post accusing AMI of extortion and threatening him with an indecent photo of Bezos and his lover. After Bezos and his wife announced their divorce, the National Inquiries published an article revealing the secret relationship between Bezos and Lawrence Sanchez. The original text of the post posted in the Bezos blog post shows that the representative of the AMI suggested that as long as Bezos admitted that the tabloid parent company had no political motive behind the initial exposure report, it would not publish indecent photos.

Parker has always been a supporter of Donald Trump, and Trump has a lot of grievances with Besos because of the position of the Washington Post.

"it's not blackmail because what AMI wants is the truth," Abramowitz said, adding that the company is making a "news decision" and that correspondence with Bezos is "part of legitimate negotiations."

AMI representatives declined to comment further on Abramowitz's comments.

In addition to racketeering, Bezos accused Pike and AMI of unclear ties to Saudi Arabia. "the Saudi perspective seems extremely sensitive," Bezos wrote.

According to Bezos, AMI signed a non-prosecution agreement with U.S. lawyers about the administration's investigation into Trump's presidential campaign.

Michael Conway (Michael Conway), a lawyer, said the company would still face prosecution if AMI broke the law. AMI's email, he said, was "clearly racketeering," which would break a non-prosecution agreement between the company and the government.

Abramovitz said that he "does not worry at all" that Bezos' disclosure will affect the agreement.

Stuart Carl (Stuart Karle), a former Dow Jones lawyer and Reuters executive, said the current situation was "very bad for AMI." But he also said he thought "what's happening is not enough to destroy the company".

"These communications are still far from formal criminal charges," he said. But he continues to add, “Once the criminal charges are faced, the company will not be guaranteed; even in civil cases, the company may sometimes be forced to sell to pay compensation.” (Mur)

Lawyer AMI denial extortion Bezos just for pursuing truth.

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