The rookie post can pick up a piece by face scan and get the express directly.

NetEase Science and Technology News, March 13, the rookie network announced that all the smart cabinets at the Cainiao Post Station have opened the function of facial scanning and picking up pieces. It is learned that from today, all domestic smart cabinets with cameras have already opened the function of facial scanning and picking up pieces. Consumers can choose, authorize and use face recognition function on the cabinet.

Public information shows that the smart cabinet of the Cainiao Post Station is one of the components of the last 100 meters package service of the Cainiao Post Station, covering large and medium-sized cities in the country, including the north, upper, broad, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, as a supplement to the door-to-door service. To provide consumers with a variety of optional express delivery services.

According to reports, if the consumer changes the appearance due to cosmetic reasons, etc., it is also convenient to update the photos through the smart cabinet and use the brush to pick up the pieces.

Rookie post station face recognition pick-up face recognition you can straight pick up express delivery.

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