The background of the fairy tale is heavy

The bottom of the fairy tale is heavy.

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As a Disney fan, I took my sophomore to see Toy Story 4 last week. I like it very much. After reading it, my daughter asked me, Woodie, what will happen to them? They all left their master. I said, maybe you can continue to make up this story when you grow up. After all, Toy Story 1 was 24 years ago, and maybe Toy Story 5 will not be born until 20 years later.

The "Toy Story" series is arranged according to the story. My personal preference is 4>1>3>2. A main line running through these four parts is - "lost."

In the first part, because of the arrival of Buzz Lightyear, Cowboy Woody is facing "lost" - what if he is no longer the favorite toy of Andy? In the second part, because the cow was stolen, the cowboy Woody was faced with “lost” – is the meaning of the toy being placed in the museum, or with the companion, bringing happiness to the little owner? In the third part, the young master Andy went to college, and the cowboy Woody and the toys once again faced “lost” – what should I do if I lost my master’s toy?

In the first three films, Woodie and the toys are repeatedly placed in a passive position, relying on their loyalty to their owners and their trust in their companions again and again, and turning "loss" into "get".

In the fourth part, Woody took the initiative to choose "lost." He gave up the fate of "the toy will eventually be unnecessary" and took the initiative to choose a new life, a more dangerous, but also more exciting life. Can be called the fairy tale version ~ ~ "I am my own master." Therefore, Disney's chicken soup is the most fragrant in the four bowls, which is why I like 4 the most.

What is the meaning of the existence of toys? It is loved by the owner and is required by the owner. However, the toys have no control over this point. They were made into cowboys, made into robots, made into plastic potatoes, and made into soldiers. The little masters were delighted and pampered at the moment they opened the gift wrap, but gradually, the little masters had a new darling; the little masters grew up and passed the age of playing with toys. Or, the toy is getting old; the toy is out of date; the toy is broken.

Being rejected and abandoned is the fate of toys.

- All love has a deadline, and a good time will end.

- Lost forever. Always worried, always forgotten.

Struggle again, and let go, fate will eventually take you back to the same whirlpool.

This is the cartoon of the series "Toy Story", which is repeated and laughed again and again, and the heavy theme behind the good endings of companions.

(一加一后所得) two

One of the classic heavy themes in Disney's fairy tale is "Who am I?" Many of the Disney Princess series are dealing with this theme. The most recent ones, whether the animated films "Ocean" and "Croic", are exploring this theme; and live-action movies, whether it is the Aladdin that has already been released, or Liu Yifei’s "Mulan" ", the angle is narrower and more specific - as a woman, who am I?

There are usually several ways to answer the question "who am I?"

Routine one

From the intergenerational self, by "selected", define "who am I".

For example, in Ocean Margin, Moana's family is a seeker, but because of fear, it is on an island. She chose her from the ocean. She finally inherited the glory of the family through repeated adventures, proved the correct choice of the ocean, and established who she is.

The Lion King is similar. The father is the king, the king of the grassland. From the moment Simba was born, the king’s blood began to flow. The hardships it faces are just to prove that it grows up - I am the son of my father, and I am worthy of my blood.

Routine two

From "who am I", to deduce "who am I".

In "Frozen", because of the special ability of Princess Aisha, she is regarded as a monster, as unclear, even she believes herself, so she is exiled. The theme song sings, "I am no longer the perfect girl" (be the good girl you always have to be). Finally, Queen Aisha returned and made her realize that she could be neither a prostitute nor a monster.

In the live-action film Aladdin, the same is true of Princess Jasmine, who is no longer a princess rescued by Aladdin, but a queen who wants to save the kingdom. (see the old book from Princess to Queen)

Liu Yifei's "Mulan", it is already obvious to see the trailer: from "parental life" to become a good wife, to fight on the battlefield, command the three armed forces. By saying that Mulan is not a "wife", to prove who she is.


Another popular Disney animated theme in recent years is "memory and meaning in life." At this point, I classify "Inside Out" and "Coco". From these two films, Disney put forward a philosophical view: the memory that people leave to others is the ultimate meaning of life.

There will always be an end in life. Because of the limit of death, we have to ask, what is the meaning of one's life?

In the mind Secret Service, there is a memory graveyard, and when all the memory balls about me in the head are dim and buried in the memory graveyard, I really disappear; in the Journey of Dreams, when my family no longer worships me, no longer does anyone remember me, I really disappear. All this has nothing to do with the wealth and fame I had before my life, only whether I have really influenced others, whether I have really had the love of others.

This philosophy, quite Disney, is quite a fairy tale, but it also has to make people feel that it touches some kind of truth.

(三加一后所得) fou

What is the meaning of fairy tales?

For children, it is for them to reach out to the realities of the world in a controlled way and to touch a little life. For adults, after resonating with heavy life issues, discover the problems of life, perhaps It can be solved in an easy and hopeful way.

The reason why Disney's fairy tale is so brilliant is that it never shuns heavy, but it also resolves.

Don't be afraid to let your children get heavy, don't be afraid to make them fearful and sad, because one day they have to face these life problems themselves. At that time, there will be no more Disney, no more fairy tales. But if in their childhood memories, there is warmth and hope associated with these themes, maybe a real life, a light that won't go out.

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Fairy tales background heavy.

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