Avaya Announces three Strategies to strengthen Cloud Business channels


Recently, Avaya Holdings hosted the Avaya 2019 Partners Summit in Dubai, inviting more than 450 channel partners, systems integrators, technology partners and distributors from the EMEA and APAC regions. At the summit, Avaya unveiled new initiatives in technology innovation, cloud business and channels for the new fiscal year.

In terms of channels, Avaya summarized and prospected the channel work in FY18, recognized and recognized the outstanding partners, and released the partner program for the new fiscal year. It is noteworthy that among the 28 award-winning partners, the Chinese partner, Beijing Huasheng Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd., won the APAC Annual Growth of the Year with outstanding business capabilities and market performance. .

"in FY 2018, Avaya continued to seek innovation, transform and create higher value for channel partners, and achieved remarkable results," concluded Fadi Moubarak, Vice President of channels for Europe / Middle East / Africa and Asia Pacific at the Avaya Summit. "Avaya works closely with its channel partners and actively expands its business. On this basis, it has launched an optimized partnership program, which provides a more attractive incentive mechanism for a broad range of channel partners. And make it more flexible to expand and respond to the needs of emerging markets; At the same time increased investment in channel training. "

Looking forward to FY 2019, Moubarak said it would focus on three major strategies to further drive the company's channel business development.

First, to increase focus on cloud services, giving channel partners more opportunities to sell Avaya UCaaS and CCaaS solutions.

Second, more focus on the sales of Avaya solutions and applications to further activate Avaya's partner ecosystem. This summit showcases successful applications based on the Avaya platform in many specific industries, which fully demonstrates Avaya's focus on the correctness of solutions and application decisions.

Third, the introduction of the Avaya Technology Innovation Program, which is expected by the Avaya partners, will bring new growth opportunities to the partners. Avaya's technological innovation represents a "cultural transformation". To meet the needs of partners to provide a unified customer and corporate communications experience.

"these new initiatives will help channel partners move from a single value proposition to a diversified value proposition: from device sales to solution sales; from solution sales to innovation-driven development," Moubarak said. From innovation-driven development to enabling real business transformation. "

One bright spot is that Avaya launched its cloud business strategy at the Partner Summit. Avaya announced the launch of the Avaya Cloud Private (ACP) private cloud solution, which allows channel partners to sell customized UCAS and CCaaS solutions to large customers with diverse functional needs. With ACP's private cloud solution, all Avaya partners can sell private, public or hybrid cloud solutions, as well as traditional local solutions for enterprise customers, phased deployment.

ACP complements Avaya's cloud portfolio to deliver relevant products at every level. Now, all channel partners, whether new to cloud product sales or experts in this field, can expand their business with Avaya's comprehensive cloud offerings. From mid-market, off-the-shelf cloud deployments to highly customizable private cloud deployments, the Avaya ACP Private Cloud solution addresses the deployment needs of each partner.

Moubarak also announced a new Avaya Edge Partner Program to further motivate partners to sell Avaya's solutions and applications. In FY18, Avaya's investment in technology partners achieved good returns, and comprehensive solutions are now available on the Avaya platform and open to all channel partners. According to Moubarak, these products, developed through the DevConnect and AI Connect programs, provide partners with industry-specific, easy-to-integrate, and easier-to-deploy solutions. Avaya actively empowers channel partners to provide customers with a holistic and comprehensive solution.

He also pointed out that Avaya's open platform also creates opportunities for innovative channel partners. He highlighted several partners who developed their own innovative solutions on Avaya's platform to solve real business problems facing customers. Avaya will continue to introduce relevant development tools and API interfaces to enable channel partners to continue to lead innovation.

In fiscal 2019, Avaya will show partners how it can help the API economy reach its full potential. First, Avaya will continue to enrich its API and SDK capabilities. Avaya's API can provide simple and fast integration capabilities, while Avaya's Client SDK can provide simple, fast, customized services. Second, Avaya will offer a range of API interfaces on the Avaya CPaaS to enable it to dock with leading social platforms so that customers and partners can accelerate innovation and market products more quickly.

In addition, Avaya also released a number of upgraded hardware devices, the Avaya desktop experience device. In addition to the new Open SIP family of devices that provide a leading communication experience for users of any UCaaS platform, there are also Avaya Vantage family devices that can bring consumer mobile experiences to enterprise desktops.

Today, Avaya is growing and growing together with partners. Last year, Avaya partners received a 250% increase in rebates compared to FY 2018, and the number of partners with a total annual growth of more than 10% increased by 159% year-on-year.

Avaya announcement grand strategy cloud business channels

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