Fox friend can't save Sohu.

Image has been authorized 丨 Source: Wang Guanxiong Channel

Image has been authorized 丨 Source: Wang Guanxiong Channel

This article is reproduced with permission from: burning Finance (ID: rancaijing) Shu Author: Shu Zhang Lan to Editors: Su Qi


Recently, Sohu officially launched the social software fox friend APP, rekilled in the SNS field, and hoped to work with other business lines of the Sohu to bring the user's explosive growth.


But from the point of view of the product, the position of the fox friend is not clear, more like the lack of the innovative simple micro-blog, still not see the potential of the explosion.

Sohu, who missed the social, information, live, video, and other slogans, is now far behind. As of today's close, Sohu's market value is only 563 million US dollars, 80% from the highest point in recent years, only one-fifth of Sina, one-sixteen of Netease, and one-seventh of Tencent.

Fox you this social software, can really support the future of Sohu?

Zhang Chaoyang more 50+dynamic APP peak ranking is only 26. 6%.

In fox friend APP, Zhang Chaoyang is the most important V. Almost all users sign up to pay attention to Zhang Chaoyang, who now has 2.54 million followers.

On June 10th alone, Zhang Chaoyang sent more than 50 news, from drying breakfast, recommending users and articles, forwarding photos with beautiful women, to saying good night, sharing life almost anywhere, anytime, "the fox friends are up and running." And get restrained."

But unlike Zhang Chaoyang's excitement and addiction, many social practitioners say that this app makes people unable to understand what it wants to do.

This is a "simple version of Weibo" + "WeChat", mainly in the interest community, supplemented by instant messaging.

Experienced, Fox Friends APP is divided into "dynamic", "interaction", "I". "Dynamic" is similar to Weibo information flow, in which you can view the content sent by your followers; "Intercommunity" is similar to the address book, and has my group chat entry; "I" is mainly the basic function settings.

User equality and privacy are two of the two different selling points of the fox. on the basis of equality, the fox friend is not a human being and does not construct a man-made grade difference, and the recommendation logic does not dope the user identity level logic; in the privacy, the fox friend is based on the three-layer progressive relationship of the stranger, the attention/ vermicelli and the cross-correlation, and supports the user to the personal dynamic and the photo album, The user data such as the fan/ focus list is set for privacy.

The products are more for the post-950th generation, before the official launch, fox friends have been named two consecutive Sohu school grass competitions, fans vote must be held in fox friend APP, which to a certain extent accumulated some young users.

Fox friends are slightly new in the product, such as the "speaking of things" function, in order to solve the problem of frequent words when users publish pictures, you can automatically recommend the text according to the pictures posted by the user. But after the experience, the map function is not smart. For example, the fuel economy has uploaded a plush toy, but the system has a text that is “a large green grass in front of the house” and “the whole world is silver”.

Fox friends launched the beta version as early as 2018, but it has not stirred up any splashes. According to the data of Qimai, the ranking of Fox Friends in the past three months peaked on June 10, and it was only 301 in the free list, 26 in the social list, and 500 in the social list before the official version was released.

However, Zhang Chaoyang showed a very confident side to the fox friend. In his conception, the user will naturally grow explosively like the atomic bomb.

The lack of innovation in the product industry is not good.

"innovation" is the first condition to run out of the social sphere. At present, the fox friend hasn't done it yet.

One social entrepreneur, who declined to be named, told ID:rancaijing that Fox Friends' product thinking was more like a decade ago, and that there was no difference between what was already on the market. Now it takes very fine granularity to make social products that are very relevant to users.

Jin long, a senior operator, believes Weibo is done because content distribution is more efficient than centralized editorial recommendations, and headlines are made because algorithm distribution is more efficient than focus flow. Fox friend is like a simple version of Weibo, but nothing is more advanced and efficient than Weibo, which is difficult to do.

The equality of fox friends (not big V) is not a long-term solution. Liu Fat-fat, an Internet analyst, told ID:rancaijing that the early non-artificial addition of V was intended to highlight the difference from other platforms and to try to maintain a relative "close balance" between users and not to give most novice users a "sense of distance" during the cold start-up period. But in the long run, Big V still needs identity and traffic recommendation. If it continues to operate for a period of time and the audience begins to generalize, there will still be a clear gully between Big V and Xiaobai.

Jinlong believes that some people who can't add V expect a new platform to complete the original fan accumulation, which can pull a wave of cold-start users. "But the fox will definitely add V in the future."

Another major privacy protection feature, in Liu's view, is more like a word imposed by the Social Exchange to distinguish between strangers, semi-acquaintances and acquaintances. The platform does not introduce the acquaintance relationship chain at the beginning, which can release the productivity of some content to a certain extent, so that the user can avoid maintaining the "inherent person".

In the eyes of many social practitioners, such a product that lacks new ideas and highlights is difficult to "allow customers to explode naturally." "stable interaction between users is a necessary condition for exponential growth, but fox friends do not yet have it." An industry source said.

In the social field, there has never been a shortage of people. In January of this year alone, there were three social products, including Flash, Chat, and Toilet MT. Last month, another product of the byte beating was also officially operated, but these softwares did not escape the curse of "death in retention." Less than half a year, the chat treasure team has been disbanded, the toilet MT has been renamed "good memory" to start the content e-commerce business, the byte jumps more than the flashing sound is still in the social list more than a dozen, flying chat has fallen out of social The list is 50.

Zhang Yiming, the``APP Factory'' maker who holds the headlines and jitter of today, is unable to eat sweet heads in the social field.

It is always impossible to escape from several attempts to break through.

Zhang was in the social field early ten years ago, but ended up in a "The micro-blog and the WeChat have two slaps." of self-interest.

In 2009, Sohu followed Sina's launch of Sohu Weibo. Due to the late start and no new ideas, it was only by relying on the popularity of people and spending a lot of money to buy celebrities to settle in. It is difficult to compete with Sina Weibo and gradually become quiet. It then evolved into a functional section embedded in Sohu News, the predecessor of the now independent Fox Friends app.

Not only social, in recent years, the rumors: video, information flow, live broadcast, Sohu tried all over again, but "started early in the morning, rushed to the evening", it is difficult to escape the fate of the team.

In the field of video, in 2011, Sohu video took the lead in becoming an industry leader, and by virtue of the classic play of "Lost> Prison Break" and "the House of Cards", it produced the label of" Sohu "on the show, and made the way to make a self-made play after the" out-of-limit order ". The introduction of the classic play of "the men of the silk-silk">

But in 2015, Sohu video greatly reduced the copyright investment, gradually failed in the heavy attack of YouIten. Zhang Chaoyang attributed this because it couldn't fight with the giant. ``The video model is a bottomless hole'' . In 2016, Sohu video restored copyright purchase, called out the profit target of 2019, and wanted to step out a``small and beautiful'' route to strengthen the self-made play, and now it is now using the BOSS to marry me>and other self-made online dramas to maintain market share.

The "2019 China Network Audiovisual Development Research Report" released in May this year shows that Aiteng has occupied the first echelon with a penetration rate of 80.2%. Mango TV and B stations ranked second in the second echelon with a penetration rate of 9.2%. Sohu video and PP video and Mi Wei video were located in the third echelon, with an overall user penetration rate of 6.7%. However, in a few years, Sohu video fell from the first echelon to tied for third.

In the field of information flow, in 2012, Zhang Chaoyang missed the investment of today's headlines due to the overlapping of Sohu News business, but Sohu is still the earliest information flow business in all portals.

Sohu has long changed the information flow to the news client and PC, introduced thousands of thousands of algorithms to achieve personalized content recommendation, and launched the "Sohu" to expand the content producer resources. However, due to poor team management and other reasons, there are gaps in algorithm technology, active users, number of creators, and revenues. Sohu News has gradually fallen out of the top five camps, even less than three years. Interesting headlines.

In terms of live broadcast, Sohu missed the opportunity. Sohu Video bought 56 video sharing sites in October 2014, but did not include the 56 most profitable live broadcast business, "I Show," just because Sohu Video has no related business. Unexpectedly, a year later, the live broadcast became a "new tuyere," Sohu video once again rushed to a late episode, in April 2016 released the mobile live broadcast platform "Qianfan Live." Although Zhang Chaoyang later read the English newspaper live on thousands of sails every morning at 8: 00 every morning, it was difficult to reverse the fact that he had fallen behind.

The search for Sohu's revenue, a dog and a swim, could have made much more.

As early as the last century, Zhang Chaoyang missed the search. At that time, he did not realize that the classified navigation would go to the search engine, and chose to channel the traffic to Baidu. He did his best to make the portal. Ten years later, he used the three-stage rocket model to push Sogou. The status of the industry's second child. In November 2017, Sogou officially landed on the New York Stock Exchange. The biggest beneficiary was not Sohu. Today, Tencent still holds the largest shareholder of Sogou with a shareholding ratio of 38.2%.

By virtue of the game, the game is only second to the game business of Tencent and the net, but after the peak of the market, the lost of the mobile age, the departure of the core R & D team make it slow, and now it is only the a game to be taken.

He has publicly rethought. In the early years, because of the excessive emphasis on the market and brand, and the neglect of the importance of products and technology, Sohu missed many opportunities.

Now Sohu has been in the bottleneck period of efforts to reduce losses, minus the income of Sogou and Changyou is a negative asset. Sohu currently holds a 33% stake in Sogou (market value of 1.593 billion US dollars) and holds a 68.0% stake in Changyou ($540 million), which together have a total value of 893 million US dollars, compared to Sohu's current market value of 563 million US dollars, equivalent to Sohu itself. It is minus $330 million.

However, in terms of financial reports, Sohu is indeed reducing losses. According to Sohu’s first quarter earnings report for 2019, Sohu Q1’s total revenue was $431 million, with a net loss of $47.17 million, a 50% year-on-year loss, and a net loss of $27 million, a year-on-year loss of over 40%.

"Throttle" is beginning to bear fruit, and Sohu needs a new story to "open source." At present, it is difficult for the newly launched Fox Friends to support the future of Sohu. However, Sohu’s layout in the outlet has never ended. Zhang Chaoyang said that next month’s Sohu video will launch a short video product.

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Fox friend no no. Sohu.

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