Alipay strong assists: Taobao Spring Festival sinking new users increased by 100%

During the Spring Festival, Taobao and Alipay launched a variety of national-level applications, and Taobao achieved rapid growth of new users, especially in the sinking market.

This year, Alipay's Wufu activities continued, and for the first time, Taobao was dispatched, and 1 million Fuka cards were dispatched every day.

Consumers open the mobile phone Taobao, click on the "top scan" in the upper left corner of the homepage or search for the box "Pan Li Tao", aiming at the red new year goods, after identification, you can have the opportunity to get the physical rewards such as Alipay or Golden Pig.

Taobao data show that nearly 50 million users of the Spring Festival this year in exchange for Taobao to send the Spring Festival benefits, an average of six "sweep" of red New year goods.

Alipay powerful Auxiliary: Taobao Spring Festival sinking New users increased 100%

From January 25 to February 4, more than 37 million users scraped away the hidden benefits of Taobao behind Alipay's "Wufu Card" and received surprises such as Taobao's cash and red envelopes, and Taobao's new users grew 100 percent from their daily level.

In addition, as of February 9, more than 1 million consumers had opened Mobile Taobao's shake function and entered the "Spring Festival Gala" page to receive sunflower oil, ticket tickets, movie vouchers, telephone gift bags, and so on.

Among them, users from Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Anhui provinces had the highest enthusiasm, and nearly 60% of the newly registered mobile phone Taobao users attracted by the event came from the third-fourth region.

In the third quarter earnings report of Alibaba's 2019 fiscal year, Taobao Mobile's monthly active users have reached 699 million, and annual active users have increased by 35 million from the previous quarter, of which about 70% came from the sinking market.

Meanwhile, Alipay and its affiliates have more than 1 billion annual active users worldwide, compared with more than 650 million monthly active users in November 2018, still growing at more than 50 percent.

Alipay strong assists Taobao Chinese New Year sinking new users big increase 100%

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