Unlock Tencent "Game area 9": Chinese Wind Energy lets functional Games out of niche? directly hit 2018ChinaJoy?


[ special writer of titanium media / Zhu taowei from 2018 chinajoy site ] is different from the show girl and game experience area that used to be standard in CJ booth. In CJ this year, Tencent opened a special exhibition area " game District 9" for the first time.

After painting, sculpture and other eight art forms, the game is recognized as the ninth art. So Tencent from the game is the ninth art concept, dedicated to the "game area 9" exhibition area. It is the exhibition area of a series of "cultural products" derived from the game with both artistic value and social value.

The "Game Zone 9" of the exhibition is divided into three chapters: The first chapter is mainly the derivatives of Tencent's phenomena-level products, such as the "Glory of the King", "League of the League" and other games, sculpture, painting works.

The second chapter is mainly about the combination of games and traditional Chinese culture, such as the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Dunhuang and other sectors. If you know that the glory of the king has been over the Great Wall guards, the garden is amazed, and the Dunhuang skin is not surprising. It is worth mentioning that there are also four functional games in the chapter: "Zi Yun Yun", "榫 卯 卯", "Folding Fan" and "Nishan Shaman". Of course, they are also closely related to Chinese traditional culture.

As for the third chapter, it is more like a time-running gallery, the pixel-level re-enactment of the classic scenes of the old-fashioned games such as "Dungeon and Warrior", "Cross Fire", "QQ Hyun Dance" and "QQ Speed". Players can Choose to upload your own photos, take photos with product characters, and print out the exclusive 10th anniversary ticket.

According to the exclusive understanding of Titanium Media, Tencent also publishes and operates a MOOC magazine, “The 9th District”, focusing on game-related content and cultural communication.

Yang Kai, the director of the Tencent game brand, sees that the game itself is particularly closely related to culture, and this year's Tencent's overall strategy is also around "science and technology" and "culture", especially the cultural part. That's why Tencent wants you to experience Tencent's products by visiting and experiencing them. The timing is just ripe.

Not only do the hands, but also to cut into the mass consumer goods

What's the most eye-catching exhibit in Zone 9? There is no doubt that the hand office is ranked first.

In addition to the large and exquisite hand in the middle of the exhibition area, there is also a batch of Q version from the anime "Under the One Man", the game "Dungeon and Warriors" and "The King of Glory".

It is known that the central hand-held exhibition area mainly from the King Glory brand team and TG ideas built together with the platform. Insiders said that on the one hand, the platform plays the role of a solicitor, in addition to set up a "King Craftsman Ling" competition.

That is to say, the government hopes to attract the domestic hand run companies, the top artists and personal creators to participate in the competition through the mechanism of competition reward and ecological construction, and then carry on the corresponding incubator and carry on the commercial operation.

The Q version embedded in the wall, mainly from Japan, Hong Kong, China's more mature hand team production, such as Good SMILE Company Candy Box, UID and so on.

Take uid studio as an example, they are different from the traditional hand-made productions. apart from inheriting the antique things, they also have a relatively cutting-edge and trendy perspective. For example, sun Wukong did it by hand. the traditional manufacturing process was multi-dimensional while uid studio adopted the process of reducing dimensional surface in the opposite way. the image of sun Wukong was sketched out with simple and skillful lines, and three different color matching methods were used. Under this kind of craft, sun Wukong's hand-held office is not very complicated, and the feeling of fashion is especially strong.

"In fact, these teams themselves have very strong creative, design, marketing capabilities, and they have their own distinctive features. The Tencent chose to cooperate with them in the hope that a IP - out hand image has its own features, and we will give the art, world view, and other kernel things to the hand team." Tencent games. Yang Kai, the director of the card, told the titanium media.

Of course, in addition to the exquisite hand, there are also more popular consumer goods such as "King of the Glory" joint skateboard, co-branded sweater, pillow. If you are the core fan of "Glory of the Kings", you may want to bring all the surrounding homes, provided that the wallet is hard enough, regardless of price.

Changed to an ordinary consumer, before seeing Zhuge Liang, Sun Shangxiang and other exquisite hands, it is estimated that it is difficult to join the skateboard and sweater in the "Glory of the King". After all, for you, the joint name only means a change. Patterns.

In other words, exquisite handiwork can help manufacturers to establish high-quality knowledge, break through circle culture, and cover ordinary consumers. It is based on the above logic that Tencent's distribution in derivatives is to start with its own hands, and then gradually launch more pro - people, ubiquitous and more practical peripheral products.

As for the scale of mass production of derivatives and subsequent revenue expectations, Tencent has not disclosed specific data for the time being. it only emphasizes that ensuring the quality and standard of products is the direction Tencent is currently exploring.

A variety of series, functional games blow " Chinese style"

If the handle is the most strong commercial property of "game ninth", the display of the function game is undoubtedly carrying the long humanistic consciousness of "game ninth zone".

The official explanation of Tencent is that mature technologies and interaction mechanisms in the game industry are used in other industries and applications to play games or games. (in Europe and the United States, functional games are often called serious games. Serious Game). In the view of the founder of gamma data, the narrow meaning of functional game is that the enterprise has the intention of researching and developing or in the course of operation, it is willing to combine the game with the function, so that the user can achieve the learning, education and skill training in the use of gamma-ray data. A purpose other than recreation, such as rehabilitation.

From the naming of the four functional games of "Zi Yun Shi Yun", "榫 卯 卯", "Folding Fan" and "Ni Shan Shaman", all of them leak the taste of "Chinese style".

Specific to the function game content itself, taking "Zi Xi Shi Yun" as its blueprint, it is based on the Tang Dynasty poetry and Song poetry, which is the most representative of Chinese traditional culture. It adds the unique interactive function of the function game, and the Chinese style of splashing the landscape, let the user Experience poetry and charm in the game

The "Folding Fan" introduces the traditional process of folding fans through the five aspects of "appreciation", "shape", "craft", "history" and "fan". The content of the "Folding Fan Process" section is split into a game level by tagDesign. In the process of playing these small games, the player can completely experience the birth process of a folding fan.

Obviously, through the above functional games, it can not only meet the entertainment needs of players, but also play an educational role in understanding Chinese traditional culture.

In fact, on the 5th anniversary of Tencent mobile games on August 2, Tencent also released four new functional games covering the popularization of traditional culture and science. they are namu, how electricity was formed, ziyue shiyun and code: 1420.

Why does Tencent insist on making a function game? It is important to know that the current functional games are struggling to realize the commercialization of the C-end, and the ceiling of the functional game revenue paid by the government and enterprises is obvious.

In fact, from the player's point of view, functional games, as a new category, can break aesthetic fatigue. after all, mainstream commercial games have never escaped the three types of moba, MMORPG and fps. While the application games cover many vertical fields such as psychology, medical care, education, military affairs, enterprise training, social management, etc. they focus on painting style, creative plot and function as selling points, which is extremely easy to cause the spread of players' word of mouth and enhance the goodwill of enterprises.

While the overall growth rate of China's game market is declining, enterprises also need to find new growth points urgently. Gamma data show that in the first half of 2018, China's game market real sales revenue reached 105 billion yuan, an increase of 5.2% over the same period last year. Compared with the same period in the past few years, the growth rate has reached a new low. At the same time, China's game user size is also facing the ceiling, slow growth.

It is clear that the function of the game in addition to the "Chinese wind" to enhance the goodwill of game manufacturers, but also bearing the task of future revenue.

As Tencent vice president cheng Wu said at the China international digital entertainment industry conference ( cdec ). " telling the world a good Chinese story and creating more popular Chinese cultural symbols are not only opportunities for enterprises but also opportunities for industries. " ( this article starts with titanium media, author / Zhu taowei, editor / Zhang Yuan )

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Unlock Tencent game ninth area Chinese style can make function game out niche straight hit 2018China Joy

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