Consumers are forced to spend high prices to vaccinate in Hong Kong. Why is the nine-priced HPV vaccine still difficult to find?

Consumers are forced to pay high prices to vaccinate in Hong Kong. why is it still difficult to get a single injection of HPV vaccine?

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Since the approval of the nine-priced HPV vaccine in mainland China last year, it has been in a state of “one shot is hard to find”.

People of the appropriate age should first make an appointment through official channels such as community health centers and public hospitals. The waiting period is several months.

The Hainan fake vaccine incident has finally come to an end.

However, the issue of the nine-valent HPV vaccine exposed in the incident deserves further attention.

Since the approval of the nine-priced HPV vaccine in mainland China last year, it has been in a state of “one shot is hard to find”. People of the appropriate age should first make an appointment through official channels such as community health centers and public hospitals. The waiting period is several months.

Consumers who want to vaccinate in the short term can only choose private hospitals or vaccinate in Hong Kong and South Korea. The price is at least 20% higher than the official price, and it faces the unreliable risk of vaccine channel and safety.

Nine-priced HPV vaccine is hard to find

HPV is the abbreviation of "human papilloma virus". 99% of cervical cancers are caused by high-risk HPV infection in HPV, mainly through sexual contact and other means.

As the only vaccine to prevent cancer, HPV vaccine has received extensive attention. There are three kinds of HPV vaccines on the market, namely, bivalent, quadruvalent and nine-valent, bivalent and quadruvalent vaccines can prevent 84.5% of the risk of cervical cancer, and nine-valent vaccines can prevent 92.1% of the risk of cervical cancer.

In April 2018, the nine-price HPV vaccine was approved and sold in the mainland. The first injection was given at Boao Super Hospital in Hainan on May 30 at a price of 1318 yuan per unit.

Subsequently, the nine-valent HPV vaccine showed a "one injection difficult to obtain" trend.

Tingting, who lives in Fengtai District, Beijing, told this reporter that after the listing of the nine-priced HPV vaccine, she called the relevant department to consult.

Vaccination was implemented on the principle of proximity. She chose Tiantan Hospital and Fengtai District Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Since she was not in the appropriate age, the staff informed her that she could be vaccinated with tetravalent vaccine. However, the current four-price and nine-valent vaccines are out of stock. Make an appointment.

This situation is not unique to Beijing.

According to media reports, in August 2018, the nine-priced HPV vaccine was launched in Shenzhen. The total number of appointments on the first day of the appointment function reached nearly 3.6 million. The opening of the reservation platform will collapse due to congestion. From November onwards, Change the reservation number to "shake the appointment".

A total of 95111 valid applicants were signed in the first phase, and 1305 applicants were signed, with a winning rate of 1.37 per cent.

In October 2018, the nine-priced HPV vaccine was launched in Chongqing. The number of online appointments for only one hospital and one pharmacy was nearly 3,000, but the actual number of people who can be vaccinated is less than 30.

Today, the nine-valent HPV vaccine has been on the market in the mainland for a year, and the situation of "one injection is difficult to obtain" continues.

On May 9, the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the supply of nine-price HPV vaccine began in August 2018. So far, there has been a cumulative supply of 179000 vaccines, which is still different from the demand for vaccination among citizens.

According to the appointment of the “Huaxia Times” reporter, according to the “Clinical Immunization Prevention Clinic Directory of the city” on the website of the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the telephones of several health centers were dialed. The responses received are all nine-valent vaccines. In order to make an appointment, you need to make an appointment first.

Only one place in the Majiapu Community Health Service Center, the number of appointments has reached 70. It is not certain how long it will wait. The staff will give a phone call after the vaccine arrives.

Manufacturer of a single

At present, only Mershadong has the ability to produce nine-price HPV vaccine in the world, because of capacity constraints and huge market demand, the phenomenon of "one injection is difficult to obtain" appears in China.

The nine-valent HPV vaccine is suitable for women aged 16-26.

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Statistics, the population of this age group accounts for 8.87%of the total population. According to the data of the sixth census, the total population is 1.33 billon, the eligible population reaches 120 millon.

The age group is 120 million, the number of vaccines issued is 1.216 million, and the number of people who can be vaccinated is one percent or even lower.

In view of the fact that the supply of nine-valent HPV vaccine is in short supply, the purchase of vaccine by Zhifei organism has increased.

According to the annual report, on November 5, 2018, Zhifei Biology and Mershadong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mershadong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., signed an agreement on HPV vaccines (including four and nine prices). The comprehensive basic purchase amount of HPV vaccine represented by the company has been further adjusted and determined. The comprehensive basic purchase amount of HPV vaccine agreed upon by the two sides is 5.507 billion yuan in 2019 and 8.33 billion yuan in 2020. In 2021 (as of June 30, 2021), 4.165 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of about 51%.

But compared with the huge market demand, it seems to be a drop in the bucket.

Reporters call Zhifei Biology, the company said that the nine price HPV vaccine individual basic purchase amount is not easy to disclose, the annual report discloses the four price and nine price comprehensive basic purchase amount is formulated according to the market demand, according to the current control of the market situation, will not change in the short term.

There are also related manufacturers in the research and development of domestic HPV vaccine, but there is still a long way to go before it is approved for listing. The nine-valent HPV vaccines of Xiamen Wantai, Shanghai Zelun and Shanghai Bowei were approved at the end of 2017 and early 2018, respectively.

In addition, Beijing Noning's 14-valent HPV vaccine and mesophytic 11-valent HPV vaccine were declared clinical in January and April 2018, respectively.

High-priced inoculated imported vaccine

In the Mainland, women aged between 16 and 26 can be vaccinated with a nine-valent HPV. In this interval, the vaccine works best.

Faced with a shortage of vaccines and difficult appointments, many women over the age of 26 are anxious. They either retire and choose a quadruvalent vaccine for women between the ages of 20 and 45, or pay a high price to go to private hospitals or to Hong Kong, South Korea and other places to vaccinate.

The reporter of "China Times" dialed the telephone number of the private medical examination institution Aikang Guobin for consultation. The customer service indicated that it can provide the vaccination service for the nine-priced HPV vaccine for the age-appropriate people. It also needs to make an appointment number of 1-4 months, and the price of the three-pin is 4869. Yuan, 23% higher than public hospitals, consumers go to offline hospitals for vaccination, and the vaccine comes from imports.

In contrast, the cost of choosing to vaccinate the nine-valent vaccine in Hong Kong is higher, but the waiting period is shorter, and it takes only ten days from appointment to vaccination.

Ms. Xu, who lives in Beijing, told reporters that she went to Hong Kong earlier this year to get a nine-price HPV vaccine. on the recommendation of her friends, she chose the Hong Kong Middle School Medical Construction Center, with a total vaccination price of more than 8000 yuan. Plus three air tickets and accommodation to and from Hong Kong, the total cost is about 15500 yuan.

According to Ms Xu, as in the mainland, the price of public hospitals in Hong Kong is more fair, at more than $4000, while private hospitals will be much more expensive, ranging from $6000 to $8000.

Consumers who go to Hong Kong for vaccination face problems such as unclear source of vaccine and doubtful quality.

Ms. Xu said the hospital she vaccinated was recommended by her friends. She believed in the reliability of the vaccine, but did not rule out the fact that other hospitals in Hong Kong had vaccinated mainland consumers against parallel imports.

The Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao has revealed that a clinic doctor in Hong Kong has torn the package with a "lightning hand" to inoculate a nine-priced HPV vaccine for the guests. In just one hour, more than 10 guests have been waiting for vaccination. The clinic only accepts mainland guests and only accepts cash. Or by the intermediary to charge first, the amount of business a day is estimated to be as high as 200,000 yuan.

South Korea is another option for mainland consumers to inoculate a nine-valent HPV vaccine.

A 90-year-old student studying in Seoul told reporters that during her study abroad, she and her friends were vaccinated at a nearby obstetrics and gynaecology hospital. At that time, there were a lot of mainland tourists in the hospital with such demand.

In South Korea, nine-price HPV vaccine is more common, a number of hospitals can make appointments to vaccinate, the shortage phenomenon is less, the price is also relatively low, she spent about 3000 yuan at the time.

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