Video cloud industry number one Ariyun will use edge computing to open up a new track

"The first half of the CDN competition has ended. The Chinese video cloud market has been set, and the edge computing will become the new track for the second half of the development." On April 10, Alibaba Cloud Video Cloud General Manager and Edge Computing Director Zhu Zhaoyuan was in the seventh. The "Asia-Pacific Content Distribution Conference" and the CDN Summit said.

Zhu Zhaoyuan believes that Ariyun relies on a full range of product matrices, the best technology and talent, cost and efficiency, service innovation, and scene practice in the video field, and other comprehensive advantages. Has won the Chinese video cloud industry competition in the first half victory.

According to the data of (CCWResearch), a market consultancy, the market pattern of video cloud services in China has gradually entered the stage of integration. The technical and resource capabilities make the barriers to the market being formed, leading manufacturers to take up more and more shares. Among them, Ariyun Video Cloud with a market share of 42.5 percent to become the largest manufacturer, the share of almost two to five combined.

Stabilizing the first video cloud industry Alibaba Cloud will open new tracks with edge computing

With the rapid development of big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, 5G and other technologies, tens of billions of Internet-connected devices, massive data, ultra-low latency and other requirements have challenged the existing cloud computing model, edge computing emerged as the times require. "the accumulated leadership in cloud computing provides us with sufficient technical reserves to develop edge computing, rich practice scenarios and service experience. The competition for edge computing is to compete for the maturity, stability and openness of infrastructure." Said Zhu Zhaoyuan.

The first layer of Alibaba Cloud Edge Computing is to transform the globally distributed edge IDC into a cloud infrastructure. This capability can cover the cloud from the user to a location near 100 kilometers. The second layer is the MEC, which goes deep into the 5G communication network. The third layer is The edge calculation on the customer side is usually placed on the customer side network such as the park, government, and family. Alibaba Cloud Edge Computing is moving forward at each level, deep into every computing scenario, up to the user's last mile.

In 2016, Ariyun began to lay out edge calculation; In March 2018, Ariyun officially announced its strategy to invest in the field of edge computing technology, expanding the advantages of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence to the edge computing closer to the end, and creating a cloud, edge, and end integrated collaborative computing system.

"In the future, Alibaba Cloud will increase its investment in the field of edge computing. It will continue to develop future-oriented edge services with the concepts of integration, standards, development and integration. We look forward to more industry partners, customers and Alibaba Cloud. Zhu Zhaoyuan said.

Sedentary video cloud industry first Ariyun will be used edge calculation development track

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