Tuba Rabbit announces signing Lei Jiayin as its brand spokesman


[TechWeb] July 11 news, Tuba rabbit announced today that the official signing of famous actor Lei Jiayin as its brand spokesman, the signing fee was not disclosed. Before that, Tuba Rabbit also signed Wang Han for its brand spokesman.


For this time to choose Lei Jiayin as the reason for the brand spokesman, the industry believes that the Tuba Rabbit is interested in Lei Jiayin's adherence to their own quality, can adhere to principles, and really do practical things are particularly precious.

At the same time, from the perspective of the positioning, audience and goals of both parties, there is also a high degree of convergence. Lei Jiayin and the target users of the Tuba rabbit have a certain overlap, which is very helpful for the Tuba rabbit to better enter the target user's field of vision. Moreover, Lei Jiayin's humorous and humorous image can also help Tuba rabbits to create an intimate brand image.

Data show that Tuba Rabbit was founded in 2008 and won Matrix Partners China's A round of investment in 2011. After that, Matrix Partners China continued to invest in B, C round, sequoia in B, C round in succession, 58 Group entered in C round.

Earth Ba Rabbit signing Lei Jiayin for it brand spokesperson

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