Gree explains the real name of the Oaks reason: related to "digging people"


According to CCTV reports, Gree Electric said that Gree Electric has received complaints from many consumers in recent years, reflecting the unqualified quality of Oaks air conditioners, and the same power air conditioners, the price of Oaks air conditioners is 30%-40% lower than similar products.

Li Mingjing, deputy director of the legal affairs department of Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. said that we are also very surprised why their products can be sold so cheaply. In addition, some consumers or shareholder investors of the company also mentioned the problem of power consumption. . So, we bought the model on the market and did some testing.

In fact, Gree and Oaks have been complaining for a long time, and Gree has repeatedly sued Oaks Air Conditioning for “infringement of utility model patents”. That Gree real name report Oaks air conditioning is not qualified, is it related to the recent 618 appliance sales season?

In this regard, Gree said that the real name report Oaks and 618 are not directly related. From the official point of view, more is to dissatisfaction with competitors from Gree "dig people."

'We're more concerned about this competition between the business and the business,' said Mr. Li, who was working in our technology department and now in the middle of the competition's technical department. Therefore, it is more sensitive to see that the product of other people is the product of other people, and after the test, it is found that the original product also has the problem of non-conformity, so it is reported.

Gree explanation real name report aux reason digging

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