30 types of APP, such as interest shop explorers, were notified of illegal collection of personal information.


[TechWeb] on July 11, the National Technical Committee on Information Security Standardization, the China Consumer Association, the China Internet Association, and the China Cyber Space Security Association set up a App special governance working group to evaluate and inform the App privacy policy and the collection and use of personal information, which have a large number of users and are closely related to the lives of the people.

Among them, 10 apps including Bank of China Mobile Banking, Chunyu Doctor, Magic Man Camera, and Rhyme Express violated the requirements of Article 41 of the Cyber ​​Security Law, “Public Use of Personal Information Collection Rules”, and no privacy policy.

In violation of Article 41 of the Network Security Law, 20 types of App, such as interesting stores, explorers and cheetah security masters, violate Article 41 of the Network Security Law, "Network operators collect and use personal information, should follow the requirements of legal, legitimate, necessary principles, and require users to agree to open multiple permissions to collect personal information at one time, but if they do not agree, they cannot be installed and used."

The announcement shows that the above APP operators have completed the rectification within 30 days from the date of the issuance of the notification. If the rectification is not completed within the time limit, the working group will recommend the relevant departments to dispose of it according to law. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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Interest shop exploration 30 models APP violations collection information notification

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