WeChat upgrade for iOS: the video length of the friend circle changes from 10 seconds to 15 seconds


On May 5th, iOS version of WeChat welcomed the update of 7.0.4. This version allows users to set the songs as background music when posting video updates. At the same time, users can post private messages in the video of friends.

At the same time, careful netizens found that when sharing videos in a circle of friends, it has been changed from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. At present, short videos such as vibrato are generally in 15 seconds. In this way, the short video of the vibrato can be directly uploaded to the circle of friends, and one frame is not deleted.

At present, WeChat's monthly life has reached 1.098 billion, leaving 1.1 billion is close at hand. It can be said that any change of WeChat APP affects hundreds of millions of users. With the “cabbage price” of traffic and the upgrade of people's personalized expression, WeChat's gradual opening of video also caters to the trend.

iOS version WeChat upgrade circle of friends video duration 10 seconds 15 seconds

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