< Murakou FM > issue 6 Huawei P30/OPPO Reno/ Vision China Hot spot


"Village FM" vol.006 Buy P30 or Reno? Anyway, it is the online China!


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Listen to the platform:

Apple podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/cn/podcast/ Village pass fm- 's most Hub Technology Digital talk Show / id1457578665

Himalayan: https://www.ximalaya.com/keji/21897942/176276236

Netease cloud music: https://music.163.com/#/program?id=2060641798

Litchi FM: https://www.lizhi.fm/105894829/5037580303911215110


Murakou FM 6 online Huawei P30 OPPO Reno visual hot spot all-in-one

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