A crime in a night's shop.


Photo source @ Visual China

Photo source @ Visual China

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People are born and free, but they are not in chains.

Rousseau said so.


December 24, 2018, Christmas Eve.

Beijing Gongti North Road was blocked by various traffic flow. Across the wall, the music in the big and small nightclubs is deafening.

Chasing the light through the mist, the head and chest of the men and women who are madly twisting the waist are slammed, as if the fault and heartache of the year were kept in the cold streets outside the door. People say goodbye to thinking for a while, leaving only the boiling dance floor and the big screen behind it.

No.102, my little sister, I'm on the opposite side of you. I'll take care of you for a long time. I'd like to buy you a drink.

The big screen pop up with a large caption and picture, and the 300-second countdown begins to flash. It's a whole five-minute "screen" on the screen. The eyes of the whole field passed through a myriad of crystal-and-white wine bottles, instantly to the red-clad sister, screaming and whistling like a wave of waves.

The beautiful sister and her lips are gradually initiating, and the coffin is slightly moving. Just as her eyebrows re-raised and looked forward, the huge screen crashed and the music stopped. Only the lights on the scene are still flashing in the air, as if a moving drama suddenly darkened the mute button.

"Hey! Hey--" A man with a bottle of wine standing up suddenly broke on the table and was full of debris. "I X! Laozi spent the money screen, your TMD screen is gone, what does it mean?!"

The shadows in the corner were immediately chaotic, and the delicate men and women rushed away from the "battlefield" and the security rushed over.

We pulled the lens away. At this moment, China's territory has entered the night, the waves are hitting the coastline of thousands of kilometers in the Pacific Ocean, and the lights of the city go straight to the sky.

In several bars in Nanjing, everyone is staring intently at the big screen, following the live host and music drumming crazily shaking the mobile phone to smoke the grand prize; in the western restaurant in Shenzhen, people also hold their mobile phones and follow the guidance on the screen to take part in the golden egg game. And Beijing nightclubs every minute, the screen in front of them also suddenly extinguished, people looked at each other, a commotion.

What exactly happened?

We slightly moved the map a little, the top floor of a high-end restaurant in Guangzhou, Liu Jingyuan was sitting at the wine table, just smashed a glass of wine, and opened the frame with the big coffee sitting in the main position: "You are the biggest nightclub chain in Guangzhou. Of course, we must open up the gap with those "fairy goods" nightclubs! Our "per-screen show" can use the mobile phone to send gifts to the screen in real time, to reward artists, interactive songs, and to play the whole game. Beijing Nanjing The nightclub in Shenzhen, on this system, the atmosphere is ten times more than before, and the water in the store has also turned several times! You see, I will give you a demo!"

Liu Jingyuan just took out the cell phone, and a "horizontal slot" squeezed out of his mouth. The sight of his eyes was like a volcanic eruption, and the clients in the thousands of wechat groups have also complained, and they can't move to his eyes.

You're not wrong. The night club bar mentioned earlier, all used the same interactive entertainment system, every screen show.

On the evening of December 24, 2018, when Liu Jingyuan, the CEO of every screen show, went to Guangzhou to prepare for an important customer, countless dark energy rushed to China from all corners of the earth along the underground fiber and submarine cables. I couldn't help but rush into the core server of this explosion software.

Like the mech fighters who lost contact with the main brain, the screens of thousands of bar nightclubs turned off at the same time.

A steel knife falling from the sky fell in front of Liu Jingyuan, and a sharp alarm sounded in his mind: "This is not an exercise, this is an attack!!! Again, this is not an exercise, we are being attacked!!!"

The boss across the street spread out his hands and frowned at Liu Jingyuan, who was lost in his eyes. Liu Jingyuan's sweat dripped down his forehead, and only one word came to his mind: "War!"

Ghosts appear

Born in 1981, Liu Jingyuan’s thoughts were meticulous and the hormones were bursting. From the beginning of sensibility, he is almost the most awkward of all Beijing nightclubs.

At the beginning of the 21 st century, it was Liu Jingyuan's daily operation to "give the waiter 50 yuan to make their confession to the girl next door on the big screen of the bar."

With the love of nightclubs, in 2016, he shot his chest and flicked several of the best buddies to withdraw from their respective startups and join his team. His reason is: "The nightclubs seem to be the most fashionable place, but in fact, 99.99% are bandits, there is no digital content. We use the Internet to transform the nightclubs, and it is definitely a blue ocean!"

Liu Jingyuan

This is basically true, the sea is quite blue, but the sea is ten thousand times deeper than his original imagination. . . .

Liu Jingyuan first felt the opponent in the dark, in August 2017.

At that time, his entertainment system had already become popular in Beijing Houhai Bar Street, and he was confidently ready to rush out of Beijing and go to the country. The first stop is the bar where good friends opened in Nanning, Guangxi.

Need to explain that at the time, more than 30 companies in China had entered the blue ocean of “bar entertainment system”, and Liu Jingyuan was not the earliest one. Initially these companies developed independently like the civilizations of ancient Eurasia, and the wells did not make rivers. However, since 2017, the companies in this niche industry have started the “Great Navigation Age”, and with the occupation of the cities on the map, the commercial struggle between the companies has also begun.

In a bar, that's about every show.

In the bar, every screen show is probably like this

In fact, each screen Xiuxiu into Nanning this bar, is to replace competitor C company's product.

Everyone was full of joy and looked forward to the day of the test run. As a result, strange things happened.

At 9: 00 that night, the bar opened, and the audience began to participate in interactive games on the big screen with great interest. But no matter how customers sweep the code, just can not get into the H5 page of each screen show, the atmosphere is suddenly awkward.

Someone photographed their mobile phone at the time.

Someone shot his cell phone at that time.

At the time, the bar owner called Liu Jingyuan to vomit: "You are too unreliable! It is a key moment to drop the chain. Is it good for the buddy to use it for the pit?" Liu Jingyuan is also a brain-in-law case - strange! There have been no cases of unstable servers before. . .

He quickly asked Kunlun, the company's head of technology, to check, and found something: the primary server on each screen on the cloud was attacked by DDoS. The server serves all customers. That is to say, not to mention Nanning, including Beijing Houhai, all users' bar interaction system has been hung up at the same time.

“How to call DDoS?” Liu Jingyuan, who was a market-born person, first heard of this “new word” and looked like a slap in the face.

Here, my brother inserts it and makes a science for Xiaobaiyou: DDoS is a very common hacking method, which means blocking the server with a large amount of traffic requests, so that you can't provide services normally.

Chestnut: if you compare each screen show to a gongs shop, a DDoS attack is like a bad guy hiring thousands of people to block the door of a store. People who really want to eat gongs can't even squeeze in the shops.

Probably the sauce purple

It's probably the sauce.

In a critical situation, Kunlun hastened to find a way to deal with it.

Each screen show leases cloud servers from a well-known Chinese cloud computing manufacturer. Kunlun remembered that the cloud computing vendor had a package for DDoS defense below 300G. He assessed that he is currently being beaten with a bandwidth of about two hundred gigabits, and is expected to resist it. So buy the package and turn on the defense switch.

But the goose, the man in the dark, watched Kunlun's every move like the "Mask Man" in the chainsaw, and just two minutes after he turned on the defense, the attack energy rose to 350 G.

According to the rules of cloud computing vendors, attacks of more than 300G, if you do not purchase expensive additional anti-DDoS services, will be pulled into the "black hole" - disconnect the service from all external connections, no one can access.

Each screen Xiuxiu just went into the "little black house", completely down the machine, lying dead all night.

This "flying to the disaster", let Liu Jingyuan not only crisply bid farewell to the Nanning market, but also have to apologize to the bar owners in Beijing. The company’s protection costs for the day plus the compensation for the bars lost a total of more than 200,000. This is not a small amount for a startup company.

This is the customer base of Liu Jingyuan’s mobile phone.

Liu Jingyuan is a happy Beijing man, "eating mute loss" is never his choice of life. He wanted to figure out who was playing with such a coquettish trick.

The first thing he thought was to turn to the cloud vendor's security team to trace the source, and the other side said that the source could be, but the cost was between 50 and 100 w, and it was not guaranteed.

He looked at the company's money bag and calmed down. . .

After asking about it with a friend in the circle, he pieced together a horrendous rumor:

It is the opponent C company he replaced, who used this illegal means to attack aliens. Even more shocking is that several similar small companies have died under the shackles of cyber attacks. . .

Liu Jingyuan’s mouth is Zhang’s boss. Can commercial competition still play like this?

If it is true, this is a crime! When I entered a bar in Nanning, it was worth the opponent to attack me at such a high cost, which shows how much business opportunity there is! At that time, I was very ironic. Even if I sold a house and sold a car, I would have to carry out every show!

Liu Jingyuan picked out his eyebrows and said to me.

Funny and strange, the day, week, month after the attack, each screen Xiuxiu did not encounter a new attack. Everything is as calm as the coast of winter. It was as if the blow of that night was a nightmare, and when I woke up, it disappeared without a trace.

Time has passed for half a year. In the fall of 2018, each screen show has already won two rounds of financing, and the business has expanded to thousands of bar nightclubs in more than 100 cities across the country, which basically accounted for half of the entire Chinese market, and the services are all normal. Colleagues gradually faded the attack that night.

But in the heart of Liu Jingyuan, some things have not yet been drawn to the end.

Did the attack last year be a competitor? Why has the other side disappeared into the darkness like a ghost after that? Will it come back?

Winter is coming. Christmas, New Year's Day, Spring Festival is as dense as a row of bullets in the gun. The bar club industry will enter the annual golden season.

Liu Jingyuan knows better than anyone that if the ghost comes back, he still has no power to fight. This time, if something goes wrong, it is not more than a hundred nightclubs a year ago, but thousands across the country. It is not known what kind of social problems people who drink in nightclubs are emotional and what kind of social problems they will cause.

Intuition tells Liu Jingyuan that he has to take the initiative to do something.

In a small chat that day, he revealed to his best friend what he had been attacked, and the friend thought about it and said, "have you ever heard of Chuanyu?"

Two lines of defense

Liu Jingyuan saw Liu Yuehao for the first time, in Beijing.

He frowned and told the boy who had been attacked last year, half-to-one. Although he is not sure, he knows that the security company known as "hacker special forces" is as rumored as the rumors.

Often read the article of the shallow friend, must know Chuanyu this company has a very deep impression. Here are two more words for unfamiliar shallow friends:

Know Chuanyu is a Chinese network security company with strange tonality. If you compare the rivers and lakes of network security to a green building, then know that Chuanyu is a bit like Saijinhua-not technically, but with character. Undress to the good, and fire to the wicked. Carry two hairy legs on your shoulders, and remember the great righteousness of the nation.

Knowing that the founder of Chuanyu was Zhao Wei, the first generation of hackers in China, Jiang and Hu people said that ICBM, whose dream was to "defend the world with technology," is now an old middle-aged hacker, but he is still relying on this dream to lead more than a thousand brothers and sisters to kill in and out of the battlefield of cyber security, and the atmosphere is very warm.

Knowing one of Chuangyu's unique skills is to help users resist hacking.

As a project manager, Liu Yuexi is responsible for the major security work for customers.

Liu Yuehao

After listening to Liu Jingyuan's description, there are probably a few in the heart of the moon. This seems to be a typical cyberattack with commercial purposes. I have led the team to fight this many times, and I am already familiar with it. But this kind of attack is usually common in the game industry. I didn't expect the world to change quickly, and the war has already burned to the nightclub. . .

Just days after Liu Jingyuan and he knew that Chuangyu contacted, technical director Kun Lun told him that he had already spent more expensive anti-DDoS services from cloud computing manufacturers. It seems that there was no need to spend another piece of money to defend.

Liu Jingyuan thought about it carefully and felt that he was still playing drums in his heart. It was best to make two lines of defense, one "PlanA" and one "PlanB".

"you see, we have bought the security services of cloud manufacturers, and the money has been spent. Can we talk about cooperation when we know that Chuangyu's protection plan can really be used in PlanB,?" Liu Jingyuan tentatively discussed it.

"No problem, our expert team is on call, if you have any problems, you can switch to our protection system at any time." After all, this is a commercial cooperation. It is not surprising that the month is not pressing.

One day later, the moon sat on his own station and seriously thought about this "case." He felt that it was not that simple.

According to Liu Jingyuan's description, the attack means of the other party is very insidious and dangerous. First, an attacker can change the mode and intensity of the attack in real time according to the protection strategy of the other party, so that the professional operation means that he is a "a hacker's old hand". Second, an attacker can make an attack at the most critical point of time at the evening of the show, explaining that he is also at the same time a "inline" of the rules of the club's night-store industry. In the face of such a tricky professional rival, the cloud vendor's fortifications may not be 100 percent effective.

The moon is talking to himself.

He nodded and opened the group chat dialog of the colleague group and said, "Brothers, we may have a 'major defense task' in the days of Christmas, and everyone is ready in advance."

December 22, 2018. Liu Jingyuan sat in the office, staring at a WeChat official account message on the screen, frowning.

Because of the long-standing business friction, rival C's official WeChat suddenly pushed a message, suspected that each screen Xiuxiu engaged in unfair competition behind the back, and with a picture with a big character: "War."

The tweet was later taken the initiative to delete, which is a printed copy of the screenshot.

"I had an ominous feeling at the time. "Liu Jingyuan said to me.

But after all, people can't be scared to death by themselves. Nothing happened, and he had to go to Guangzhou to talk about customers according to the established schedule.

Therefore, there was a beginning scene. On December 24, 2018, Liu Jingyuan was talking at the wine table, and the server behind him suddenly encountered an unprecedented``attack on Pearl Harbor'' .


When "Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor" occurred, Kunlun, the head of each screen show technology, was in Beijing.

Seeing that the background service hangs, he quickly convinced his colleagues to implement PlanA - access to the cloud computing vendor's protection system. In an instant, the traffic of the DDoS attack was released by the dam that was opened by the gate like a flood. But something strange happened: DDoS traffic was cleaned, but there was still no recovery service.

That night, the bar owners saw the same interface.

There's something else. You're gonna get me out of here! 'said Liu Jingyuan, the phone.


Suddenly, he remembered the moon.

At that time, Yuehao was attending the annual meeting to know Chuanyu. At first sight, it was Liu Jingyuan who called, and his heart sank and guessed that nine out of ten.

The combat team was established immediately. The team members were located in Beijing and Chengdu respectively. They communicated remotely. Liu Jingyuan, Kunlun and several technical colleagues were pulled into the WeChat group. Every second, everyone was still eating and drinking, this second "PlanB "In the absence of any preheating, direct ignition starts."

The attacked server connects to know the protection system of Chuangyu for the first time. Soon the team found that in addition to the standard DDoS attack, the hacker also launched a CC attack.

Here I also want to insert, to explain to you that the god horse is CC attack.

A CC attack is a branch of a DDoS attack. Also take the copper enamel shop as a metaphor. The DDoS attack is like hiring a bunch of people to block at the door. The CC attack is to hire a bunch of people to stand in front of the counter. Pull the salesman to ask for it, but don't buy it or leave it. This caused the salesperson's attention to be pinned down and there was no way to serve normal users.

CC attack is probably like this

Since the CC attack involves an attack on a specific business, the attack cost is greater than the DDoS. It seems that this time the opponent is in the heart to set Liu Jingyuan to death...

At this time, interesting things happened.

Although the CC attack is powerful, it also has a weakness: the attacker needs to specify the target IP in advance, just like the arrow from the string, there is no way to change direction in the middle.

So, behind the defences of the PlanB, a large amount of CC attack traffic continues to flow into the IP address of the PlanA's defense, and then a null.

Obviously, the other side made a full investigation before the attack, but did not expect Liu Jingyuan to hide a later hand.

After analysis, the proportion of CC attacks is more than 86%. Screenshots come from reports that know Chuanyu

With one more move than the other side, the service per screen is slowly pulling up, and the interactive screens of thousands of clubs across the country have finally returned to service after a few hours of gloom.

However, the service was interrupted for several hours during the peak period, and it was already "sinful." The customer has no obligation to understand Liu Jingyuan, what is attacked, and what competitors are stalking from us, we don’t believe it, and we have nothing to do with us. Your service is interrupted, you have to compensate us for the loss! We don't want to continue to work with you!

This is the Tucao in each customer group at the time.

Liu Jingyuan looked at the back-end data sent by Kunlun - the attack traffic was wave after wave, and there was no way to stop. I know that Chuangyu has been stunned today, but he still can't stand it tomorrow. It is still unknown. He didn't sleep all night, and arranged the brothers to split the three roads overnight:

All the way by the sales person in charge of the team, to customers one by one to apologize, discuss compensation matters. All the way by the technical person in charge of the team, and know Chuanyu together to discuss the next response plan. All the way led by senior executives, responsible for collecting evidence, the next day quickly report to the police uncle.


At five in the morning, the most noisy nightclubs were quiet. In the dawn, this wave of attack energy has finally slowly declined. However, everyone knows that this temporary respite is only because hackers feel that there is no need to continue to attack when the bar is off work, and that even more violent attacks will come back tonight. . .

The most worrying thing about Lunar New Year is that the opponent is extremely powerful, and it has definitely detected that every show has been switched to know the fortifications of Chuangyu. This means that the CC attack that was thrown out yesterday will definitely adjust the muzzle today and directly rush to know Chuangyu.

The real test has just begun.

Speed ​​of life and death

It's about nine o'clock in the evening of the 25th.

Sure enough, the first bullet "Russian" slammed into the shield that knew Chuangyu.

It is known that more than a dozen colleagues of Chuangyu and three colleagues from each show of the show immediately entered the state of war. Unexpectedly, today's opponents are indeed many times stronger than yesterday.

CC attack is actually very difficult, just like the virus in nature, there are countless varieties. Only by configuring a special vaccine (protection strategy) for each variant can we ensure that this attack is killed.

You probably played the tower defense game. Defensive CC attacks and tower defenses are a bit like. For the characteristics of this wave of monsters, the defensive formation you have set up also needs to be adjusted.

But the crux of the problem is that it takes 1 to 2 minutes to adjust the protection strategy, so in theory, if the opponent makes a "variant" of the CC attack every two minutes, as soon as the defense strategy is adjusted, the opponent's attack method will change. Then the protection strategy will always be in an invalid state that cannot keep up with the rhythm.

In fact, this thing really happened.

Opponents have prepared countless variants of CC attacks, switching every two minutes. Knowing that Chuanyu can't go directly into the server of each screen to view the features of the attack, they need Kunlun to manually extract the features and send them to engineers who know Chuanyu and Yuehao to reconfigure the strategy. This tedious process will take longer to configure the policy.

This is a situation map of a CC attack variant at that time, from knowing Chuangyu.

Every show is a startup company, how can we cooperate with the special forces to fight? . . They are not proficient in their actions. Kunlun and the two brothers were sweating, but they could only hold on to the teeth, and the fingers knocked the keyboard, but they did not hesitate to hesitate for half a second. Although they have exhausted their full power to send attack signatures, they still can't keep up with the speed of the variants.

The conversation in the group at that time could feel the critical atmosphere:

However, the positive and evil sides are like two front rigid tanks, which are faster than who is loading ammunition--fingers half a second slow, and may let the other party fire the shells before they fire.

That night, the bosses of the bar felt that every screen show was "sucking", for two minutes, two minutes, two minutes, and two minutes. . . The tempered boss directly called Liu Jingyuan, and he couldn't wait to come to him to fight.

"it's Christmas in TMD! Do you know how much we lost? You pay me a lot for each screen show! "

"I am mistaken for you, I will switch to the service of your opponent tomorrow!"

Liu Jingyuan received such a call and a phone call, and a customer and a customer lost their smiles. He didn't dare to collapse, he was the CEO, and the brothers looked at themselves.


Liu Jingyuan smiled and recounted.

Here, Liu Jingyuan is struggling to support. The moonlight can see that the speed of filling his ammunition has been slowly and firmly chasing his opponent.

At this time, it is already late at night on the 25th. The busiest time of the bar is about to pass.

Just knowing that Chuanyu's loading speed was catching up with his opponent's loading speed, Yuehao suddenly found that each screen Xiuxiu suddenly withdrew from his own protection and returned to the PlanA protection system.

The original, the huge pressure of Liu Jingyuan is really not the top, he is in the hospital, let the Kunlun try to cut back the protection and cut back to the cloud computing manufacturer.

An indescribable emotion was instantly blocked in the heart of the moon, and he grabbed the phone and called Liu Jingyuan.

Do you know that it is dangerous to do so! The other party attacks so fiercely, but you jump from one bunker to another. In the process, your real IP may be exposed. Once the real IP is exposed, the difficulty of protection will increase exponentially! What the opponent wants to see most now is that you collapse, that is, you lose confidence. The speed of our protection strategy adjustment has already caught up with the speed of the other party's change! I can understand your difficulties, but at the crucial moment of victory, we must not be suspicious of each other now. You have to believe in the brothers!

Yuehao did not care about any courteous, his words like a string of guns like the head of the face hit Liu Jingyuan in the ear.?

Liu Jingyuan on the other end of the phone was silent for several seconds. He clenched his teeth and said to Quentin: "I'll cut back to the creation."


In the early morning of the 26th, the East gradually whitened.

The situation on the battlefield has entered a very delicate stage: knowing that the speed of strategy adjustment is very close to that of hacker attack methods.

However, time does not wait for people, now that the club is closed again, hackers once again collect money.

Yue Luan cheered Liu Jingyuan and told him that the war was about to win. In addition, he made a request for each screen show: add ten servers.

Why add ten servers? The logic behind it is this:

1. The other party constantly changes the characteristics of the CC attack, knowing that Chuangyu must have a certain time buffer to complete the strategy adjustment. 2. After a night of running-in, it is known that the communication between Chuangyu and each show is gradually smooth, and the delay of each strategy adjustment can be compressed to about 60 seconds. 3, each screen show server, as long as it can resist the opponent's change attack strategy of these 60 seconds, you can know the creative system of Chuangyu with sufficient strategic buffer, when the server is almost full load, access protection strategy, The guarantee service is not linked. Just like a person facing a bacterial invasion, as long as their immune system can catch the attack of the first day of the disease, the drug can use this precious time to enter the body and directly kill the bacteria.

In the words of Yue Hao, the server of every screen was too small and resources were very tight. It's like a porcelain bumper. Just a little touch the street, and the special soldiers rescue faster, and I can't catch it. . .

Liu Jingyuan listened to the truth and did not hesitate. He quickly asked his colleagues to add ten servers.

The words are divided into two, one side knows that Chuangyu is dead opponents, and the other colleague who reported the case has already handed over the record and evidence of the cause and effect to the police uncle. The Netan police in Changping District of Beijing officially opened the case.

On the night of the 26th, the attacker was unhappy, and it was back.

It's hard to imagine a great writer. There's a 180-degree turn here.

Due to the increase of the server, the "strategic buffer zone" has greatly increased; and with the previous break-in, it is known that Chuangyu and the team of each show show the cooperation of the gods in the rear, and the protection system can not stand still if the opponent changes the attack mode. Every screen show service is as usual.

The night is silent, the national users in the bars of various places smashed, I am afraid that no one cares about the server in the sky, the two sides are fighting with the ropes. . .

Like a hearty Normandy landing, the war finally entered the counterattack stage. Knowing that Chuangyu was free to start, he began to implement the "counter-attack plan".

On the morning of the 27th, they introduced a log of the attack on each screen to the artificial intelligence analysis system, and a striking conclusion was presented at once:

In total, billions of attacks, the source is not irregular, they contain some specific strings in a fixed position, these strings are only a total of thirteen.

This means that an attacker can follow.

But these strings are encrypted by the user in the process of interacting with each screen show. What do they mean? only each screen show can be decrypted.

Kunlun got the string that he knew from Chuangyu for the first time. After decrypting it with his own secret key, he was shocked. . .

Because hackers attacked the H5 page of each screen, the attack required to log in with a WeChat authorization to get the URL of the H5 page, and these strings happen to represent the WeChat ID and avatar used by the attacker to log on to each screen show service.

The opponent may be too anxious, perhaps the technology is not refined, the hacker did not hide himself in this step, showing a major flaw. Kunlun quickly retrieved the avatars and IDs of the thirteen users from the database.

This is a partial screenshot of the avatar and ID to avoid unnecessary information disclosure. I blur the picture here.

This is a partial screenshot of the avatar and ID to avoid unnecessary information leaks. Here I blur the picture.


One of the avatars he is too familiar with is a senior executive at C Company.

According to the IP record when these avatars are logged in, the address is instantly located in a certain building in Chengdu. This position is also familiar with Liu Jingyuan, which is the location of the office of Company C.

Liu Jingyuan bit his teeth and immediately synchronized the "new findings" of these avatars and address information to the network security department. The police uncle saw the evidence and showed a happy smile. . .

to receive a net

On December 29, 2018, hackers were still attacking wildly, but the services of each show were as usual, and the users could not perceive them.

At this time, Liu Jingyuan had been ordered by the police uncle to cooperate with the fixed evidence. At the evidence preservation agency, a log is downloaded and stored as future evidence.

The police uncle told him that because the evidence for the suspect needs to be very strict, the time for closing the net will not be as fast as he imagined. Therefore, in order not to stun the snake, Liu Jingyuan still pretends that nothing has happened, as before, and the hacker is dead online.

It was on this day that a customer suddenly called and complained with enthusiasm: "The flow of water that you have settled for me is different from what I saw that day! Are you secretly changing the database in the background?"

What? Liu Jingyuan looked ignorant again. Kunlun carefully looked at the database and found that a hacker touched into the background system of each screen and deleted the records one by one.


Liu Jingyuan gave a big drink:give me a seal of the breach!

Unexpectedly, the police uncle pressed his shoulder and said, "calm down and let the bullet fly for a while. We have to fix this evidence."

"Good!" Liu Jingyuan agreed with tears. They are so dead. On the same day, there was a bar that used the show on each screen to do the sweepstakes. Just after the special prize, the database in the background was destroyed by the hackers, and the prize winning record of 1400 prizes disappeared. The former winner of the drink, was very happy, suddenly said that the prize is not his, emotionally excited. The bar owner had to subsidize himself and took two more rounds.

Liu Jingyuan, you know, get your money and get it to your boss.

In these days, the evidence of hacking has finally been fixed.

On the evening of January 4th, the attack that should have been "punched" as scheduled did not come.

Liu Jingyuan knows that the attack that lasted for ten days can be considered a stop. He is on the chair in the office. During the ten days, he was barely talking to his family. He did not sleep for more than three hours, and he lost 20 pounds.

He estimates that every screen shows up to 10 million of the direct and indirect losses sustained by the attack.

The police asked each screen Xiuxiu and Chuangyu colleagues to cooperate with all the evidence collection, and went to work as soon as possible. After that, Liu Jingyuan was holding his breath and waiting for justice to come.

A month later, the good news finally came.

According to the police's case report, in February 2019, a hacker who carried out cyber attacks was arrested in a certain place in Jiangsu. In April 2019, after careful investigation and a complete chain of evidence, Beijing police left three behind-the-scenes ambassadors from a certain zone in Chengdu. . In May 2019, the police in Beijing Changping officially arrested the suspect.

This case has also become a benchmarking project for``net 2019'' special action.

This is a photo sent by the public “Ping An Changping”, the police arrested and interrogated the suspect.


The great case came to an end.

The darkest days have passed, and Liu Jingyuan can finally tell these stories a little bit.

I am not a technical man, my knowledge of technology is really limited. Maybe someone can abuse technology to bully us for a while, but I will eventually believe that evil is not correct. If you use illegal means to conduct commercial competition, you will definitely play with yourself. In the most desperate time, some partners can always stand next to me, I am very grateful to the New Moon.

Liu Jingyuan said to me.

This is the final statistic, the total number of attackers. The data comes from knowing Chuangyu

The handsome men and women in the nightclubs have lived a life of 嗨嗨pipi, and they certainly don’t know. There is a classmate named Liu Yuexi and he knows how Chuangyu’s colleagues have influenced their lives.

However, the chivalrous man has been like this since then, brushing his clothes and hiding his work and fame.

There is a little secret, Liu Jingyuan told me before leaving.

On December 25, 2018, the most desperate moment, he once asked Yuehao, "can you help me call back with the same hacker method?" I fought with them! "

There was no hesitation in the moon, and he said seriously: "Once you have done this, once I have done this for you, both of us will fall into the abyss."

The world is stable and gives us an illusion. Everyone seems to have unlimited freedom, but everyone is only a stone's throw from the abyss.

There is an invisible red line around us.

There is a red line in front of the moon, and the red line is using technology to defend the attack; on the red line, it is using technology to invade the opponent. He knows that as a cyber security person, you must never take the red line. There is a red line in front of the attacker. On the red line, it is competitive by commercial means. On the red line, it is illegal to attack the opponent. They eventually crossed the red line a little bit and were swallowed up by the dark abyss in front. There is also a red line in front of Liu Jingyuan. On the red line, he believes in technology and law. On the red line, he uses his own "justice" to decide the other side. At the last moment he was persuaded, not violently violent, black and black, and he used the innocence to wait for justice to come.

Justice is sometimes late, but never absent.

There is always the power of darkness in the network world, which reflects the eternal dark corner of people's hearts. When the abyss is staring at you and beckoning you, don't forget the invisible red line under your feet.

The information in this article comes from the oral narration of Liu Jingyuan and Liu Yuexi. The reference is to know the Chuangyu attack protection report, and refer to the official content published by WeChat public number “Ping An Changping”. Thanks to the police uncle for making our lives safer.

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A night club snow crime.

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