Sell ​​to Apple? Intel cancels communication patent disclosure

[TechWeb] After the settlement of Apple and Qualcomm, Intel Corporation announced that it will withdraw from the smartphone communication processor market and began to sell its communications patents and other assets in June.

According to the latest news from foreign media, Intel has canceled the public transfer and turned to private contact with a company. This company is likely to be Apple. James Kovacs, Intel's head of trademark and standards licensing, informed other interested parties on Tuesday that Intel would no longer publicly transfer these telecommunications patents and move to an exclusive negotiation stage.

Intel's previously auctioned patents are mainly divided into two parts, namely the patent portfolio of cellular patents and networking equipment. Among them, the cellular patent portfolio will contain 6,000 patent assets related to 3G, 4G and 5G cellular standards, while the networked equipment patent portfolio mainly includes 500 related patents.

Intel's unnamed external buyers are reported to be likely to buy most of Intel's communications patents, leaving some left, so the exclusive negotiations have a deadline. It is still possible for other companies to buy some of Intel's communications patents in the future.

Sell ​​to apple Intel cancel communication patent public transfer

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