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The US group took a taxi and finally got another city.

On June 5th, on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, the U. S. group took a taxi to Beijing, and Beijing was the base of Didi's Didi.

But no one had thought that the posture of the US delegation to take a taxi to Beijing had been changed from being a warrior in the past two years, and it became another high-tech taxi.

At this point, Gaode and the US Mission entered the bureau with low cost and zero capacity, and became the external “flow pool” of the small and medium-sized network car platforms such as Shouqi, Cao Cao, Sunshine and AA, which also made the network of the car about the three-legged The trend - a big one in the past, ushered in two de facto strength opponents.

And the history is not the same, this situation in the short term, I am afraid no one can do it.

The United States of America v. s. Didi: The start of the two defeat.

In February 2017, the US Mission launched an online car service.

At that time, the US group did not choose the first-tier city as a base, but avoided the dip, and took Nanjing as the first stop. Until March 2018, the US delegation took a taxi to Shanghai and quickly launched a tug-of-war with Didi.

At almost the same time, Didi announced that the first batch of cities were Wuxi, Nanjing, Changsha, Fuzhou, Jinan, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Chengdu and Xiamen. It's the same thing to do with the United States.

The US group took a taxi and came to the forefront of the 10,000 registered drivers in Shanghai to give a welfare policy of zero drawdown (hereinafter changed to 8%), and only 10 hours on a single day and 10 orders at the same time. You can get a guaranteed income of 600 yuan, and more than 600 yuan, will also reward 200 yuan. This kind of subsidy was hit by a drop by one, and at that time, the drop still maintained a ratio of about 20%.

Soon after the taxi business landed in Shanghai, the US group CEO Wang Xing publicly declared that “it should get one-third of Shanghai’s market share within three days.” Under the large subsidy, it did, and the order volume on the three-day line broke. 300,000 orders.

It's not a long time, only a month later, Didi's internal mail said that the company's single loss is more than 30 yuan, it is difficult to follow, the "It has now been pressed within 15 per cent and is continuing to decline."

In addition, the Shanghai Municipal Communications Commission, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Price Inspection Bureau jointly interviewed Meituan less than 12 hours after he took a taxi online. As a result of one interview, Meituan's registered vehicle and driver data for taxi hailing need to be connected to the Shanghai industry regulatory platform and ordered to remove advertisements for low-cost competition.


I had no idea that this so-called "Coming online" was a year old.

During the year, the network car industry ushered in tremendous changes, and the dripping windmill was forced to go offline due to frequent safety problems. The expansion of the US group taxis also came to an abrupt end.

On the one hand, the number of incidents of the Drips and Windmills made the whole public opinion oriented extremely unfavorable for the promotion of the network car business; on the other hand, the money-burning and expansion of the soil made the US group feel exhausted. As a listed company, the US group needed a copy. Relatively good financial report.

According to Meituan's financial report, the new business, including Meituan taxi, had revenue of 11.2 billion yuan and sales cost of 15.5 billion yuan in 2018, of which the related cost of ride-hailing drivers was as high as 4.463 billion yuan, more than 14 times higher than the 293 million yuan in 2017.

Didi is also in the same dilemma: in 2018, the huge loss of 10.9 billion yuan, including a total of 11.3 billion yuan in driver subsidies. Chen Xi, CEO of, calculated the account in the “Wantful Answers” ​​module built by Didi's app: the sum of all kinds of costs (21%) exceeds the actual service charge (19%). ), the difference between them (2%) is borne by the drip network about the car business - this part is a loss.

In February 2019, Didi announced the “shutdown and transfer” of non-main business, and announced the abolition of the entire take-away business department and transferred it overseas. Just two months later, the US group took a taxi and announced the change of business model, and it was launched in Shanghai and Nanjing.

At this point, Didi and Meituan's first positive confrontation can be said to end with both losses.

Change the posture of "Buddha"

After a year of silence, Meituan finally launched the taxi business in Beijing on the eve of Dragon Boat Festival in 2019. At present, the most frequently called economy (Didi Express), mainly sunshine travel, AA travel and Cao travel, in comfort and business and other high-end models are also connected to Shouqi and Shenzhou and other platforms, but compared with Gaode's lack of Didi, Ctrip and taxi business, it is at a disadvantage in terms of car supply.

At the same time, Meituan has long since removed his independent taxi App, driver side as "the current positioning city (Beijing) has not yet opened, indicating that Meituan is no longer hovering between self-ownership and aggregation, determined to attract more travel service providers through" traffic. "

PingWest products play the US group taxi in the evening peak period that best reflects the capacity. They are tested in the West Fifth Ring Road, West Fourth Ring Road and West Second Ring Road respectively. They failed to call the car. At the same time, they were dropped twice. The success of the express train and the successful call of a high-tech Sunshine economy ended. The price of the US group taxi was basically at the same level as that of Gaode, higher than the Didi Express.

We found that many drivers knew nothing about Meituan's entry into Beijing, and even surprised: "No wonder Sunshine and AA drivers are upgrading and maintaining these two days, perhaps docking Meituan."

At present, the main scene related to Meituan's main business is that users want to take a taxi to a merchant (hotel or restaurant). On the merchant page in Meituan App, they can click on the taxi directly as a complement to their one-stop life service.

In this regard, the US Mission has repeatedly said that "the new model focuses on using technology investment to promote the user experience, and will not involve large subsidies."

Meituan taxi is the same as the travel platform accessed by Gaode. In addition to bringing new passenger orders to these platforms, we can not simply solve the fundamental problem of insufficient transportation capacity through the aggregation model, and Meituan, who no longer preempts transportation capacity, has lost the capital to compete with Didi head-on, even in front of Gaode, there is no advantage.

Compared with the strong posture of the US group before the taxi, this time to Beijing can be described as "Buddha", but it can still rely on the aggregation mode to devour the user needs that are gradually difficult to digest. Gaode is a positive reference.

Didi is the king of luck, and Didi becomes the whole opponent indirectly.

"The title is, the drop will not let me do it." A sun-driving driver, Sun Master, said to PingWest.

At present, the market share of DDT is still as high as 90%, but the situation of not hitting the car is increasing. That is to say, the market share of 90% cannot meet the demand of 100% of users. This is mainly reflected in the morning and evening peaks. , bad weather, night time, etc.

PingWest products play three platforms again after 12 o'clock in the middle of the night. At this time, there are more than 60 people waiting in line before the tricks, while Meituan and Gaode do not need to line up, almost "seconds". The order was received by a "sunshine economy" Master Li. He said, "You can't get a car. I can't wait for a long time."

This also confirms that the drop-down force and the user's needs do not match.

In addition, some media reported that the current orders for Gaode taxi business have exceeded 4 million orders, and the revenue per order is 1.5-2.5 yuan. In this way, the order volume has reached 16% (25 million units) of the drop, and will profit more than 3 billion yuan / year.

Although Gao De also denied this data to PingWest, Gao De taxi has become the second choice for many users.

In fact, this is a chain reaction, one of the reasons for this phenomenon is, "before Didi one after another to a large number of comprehensive evaluation of irregular drivers to deal with, now Didi car owners are much less, used to be the most capable, full-time, the most powerful people, have been cut off by Didi." Said Master Sun.

The reason is that these people are mainly black car drivers, and have basically been investigated and detained. According to Master Li, "as long as they are detained once, the state forbids them to go online, and Didi must cut them off. However, the people left behind may not be able to do so."

Master Li said, "I have been detained once, but I did not expect to be directly sealed."

According to feedback from many drivers, most of the “economy” drivers who traveled in the sun and AA traveled from Didi. Master Sun revealed that “this batch of drivers who made the drop was the first to go easy, and the result is easy to get yellow. The money can't be mentioned, and now the Sun and AA are accepted."

"On other platforms, you can go online on the same line. It means you don't want to use this group of people. It's because other people are robbing business because it doesn't have so many drivers. There are more jobs. No car is no good. "?" Master Sun said.

It is clear that the driver of the dribble is becoming the core driver of the competition.

Correspondingly, the platform for travel such as Sunshine and AA will also embark on the old road of Drip, and bear the risk of violation. Once it is investigated, it will greatly reduce the service capacity of the aggregate taxi platform. The so-called market share will also become a bubble. According to Sun’s analysis, “the current sun travel may be the second largest capacity in the industry.”

In 2016, Beijing officially issued the Rules on the Management and Management of the Taxi Operation and Management of the Net. The rules point out that Beijing has continued its previous "Beijing-in-Beijing", and the driver's driver's driver's license is required to be approved by Beijing. The individual and vehicle of the access gateway platform must be reviewed and relevant qualifications can be used to participate in the operation.


"it's not appropriate. I don't want to be checked every day. Even if a car is 150000, the operating vehicle insurance will be scrapped every year for 14, 4, 8, 600000 kilometers a year. Every day, the road runs for up to five years. Depreciation is about 300 yuan a day, and the cost of fuel money is taken into account, and the cost at the end of the day is 600 yuan." A Cao chauffeur calculated the account for PingWest products.

The driver also said that on the assumption that the Cao Cao's platform had a monthly flow of about 20,000, he could get 18000-19000, or "I'm in the middle of the day, and there's about 12000. The company's losing money. Everybody's losing money to do it. It's the market.".

And this batch of small and medium-sized travel platform, the previous need to face the platform is no traffic, the driver can not pick up, the driver is likely to switch to such a large platform, and with the addition of Gao De, the US team to fill this A disadvantage, this also leads to small and medium-sized travel service providers can use capacity as the only core indicator, correspondingly, the flow advantage of Didi is decreasing.

A new story: Didi aggregation

It's the absolute boss of the industry, but it's still as thin as it is, and it's no doubt that it's already in the ceiling of the industry, and the drop is now in urgent need of writing a new story to live up.

In April this year, Uber's IPO documents showed that Uber's 15.4% stake in Didi's trip was worth $7.95 billion at the end of 2018. Based on this calculation, the total value of Didi's travel is about US$51.7 billion. Around, the valuation of the $58 billion reported by the media has shrunk a lot.

According to incomplete statistics, since 2015, Didi has been paid, network small loan, finance lease, commercial factoring and insurance agency 5 financial license, looks good, but because of the scene is single, the advantage is not obvious compared with the competitor;Secondly, the market behind the automobile that Didi has been arranged has been unable to support the situation in the short term due to its slow progress.

Compared with the two, Didi is more radical in promoting life services. In addition to the layout take-out business, it announced a strategic partnership with Online Travel Enterprise Booking Holdings in July 2018 and won 5 from Booking Holdings. Billion dollar strategic investment.

In February 2019, OYO Hotels & Homs, a group of Indian chain hotels, received a $100 million investment in Didi, and it is reported that $600 million of the $1 billion of the company's current round of financing is earmarked for the Chinese market and the rest will be used to recruit and other overseas markets to expand.

Nowadays, the business of the wine business that is being laid out is the biggest cash cow of the US group.

But even if life service will be a major driving force for Didi, it will not be able to turn a blind eye to the emerging converging opponents. "one of Didi's new policies is to open up traffic to major travel companies," people close to Didi told PingWest.

In addition, a Didi insider told the PingWest that the "Didi is in the second-line city trial-water polymerization mode, such as Chengdu, and the taxi service such as the same-range tourism has been connected to the Didi platform at present."

In terms of today's market feedback, the aggregation model is popular, users are reluctant to solve travel problems through too many platforms, and drivers want more platforms to bring them business. For small and medium-sized travel platforms, aggregation is a good one. Outlet, and for large-flow platforms, who can concentrate more capacity, who has more initiative.

Compared to the competition that you lived and died in the past, the "playing method" of the online car business is undergoing a fundamental transformation.

Net about car change array.

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