There are three channels available for complaints on Beijing P2P online loan complaint platform.

[TechWeb] On November 22nd, the official website of the regulatory technology service provider Jin Guantong issued a notice on the "Beijing online banking lending institution complaint platform", which shows that the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Local Financial Supervision and the Beijing Financial Work Bureau The Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association was commissioned to open a complaint platform for online lending institutions in Beijing. The platform will handle the effective complaints within 5 working days and feedback through the WeChat public account.

It is reported that the platform was established by the Beijing regulatory authorities to save time and increase processing efficiency. At present, the notice has been publicized at the visiting offices of the financial offices of various districts.

The announcement said that in the past, the channels for reporting complaints were usually people coming directly to regulatory departments for face-to-face petitions.If too many people were present at the same time, it did not only increase the difficulty of receiving visits by government staff. It is also difficult to understand the needs of the masses at once.

In view of this, the Beijing online lending institution complaint platform has carefully classified the types of complaints that the masses may have based on past common complaints. In this way, when the people make a complaint, they can fill in their special circumstances in detail and upload the corresponding information in their hands.

After receiving a complaint, the staff can quickly process and feedback the information. It greatly shortens the process and time of communication between the masses and supervision. Specifically describe the definition of "valid" complaint: first real-name system, followed by the description of the information is true.

In addition, it should be noted that there are three channels for online lending agencies registered in Beijing. They are 400 National Hotline, online website and WeChat official account. However, in either channel, the real name must be bound to the WeChat official account to receive feedback on the complaint.

P2P online loan complaint platform online there are three channels complaints

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