Douyin sued Baidu for stealing massive video: claim 90 million, apologize for 30 days? titanium Express

Titanium media on the afternoon of April 26, titanium media from the word jump aspect learned that Douyin took Baidu to the court on the grounds of unfair competition, because it found Baidu in the search stolen vast amounts of Tik Tok.

Vibrato demanded that Baidu immediately stop the infringement, compensate 90 million yuan, and apologies for 30 days in Baidu homepage. It is reported that the Haidian Court has accepted the case.

Douyin said Baidu had set up a Douyin column in the hot list section of its "simple search" APP, which it developed and operated without Douyin authorization. When the user clicks on the related video, the Douyin hot-broadcast video can be played directly in the "simple search" video. In order to cover people's eyes and eyes, after stealing video from Douyin, Baidu wipes out the watermark of Douyin through technical means.

Douyin believes that Baidu directly uses technical means to display and play "Douyin" videos in its "simple search" APP, a behavior that has substantially replaced "Douyin"-related video content. It grabs the management results of Douyin seriously, realizes the short-term rapid development of Baidu "simple search" APP, and grabs the users and platform traffic that should belong to Douyin.

In the indictment, Vibrato said that Baidu’s behavior is to reduce the competitive advantage of “simple search” APP while reducing the competitive advantage of “shake short video” APP in a way that harms others. It is a typical “getting nothing” and “pick up” The "car" behavior has violated the recognized business ethics, and at the same time violates the principle of fairness and the principle of honesty and credit, which seriously disrupts the economic order of the legitimate Internet market and constitutes unfair competition.

According to official sources, “Simple Search” is a search app developed and launched by Baidu in July 2017.

Earlier today, Baidu sued Jinri Toutiao for 90 million yuan in unfair competition and apologized on its App and home page for 30 consecutive days. In this regard, Jinri Toutiao responded to titanium media that it will actively respond to the complaint.

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