[Tiger Sniffing Evening News] Jin Yong's memorial service will be held, Ma Yun will pay tribute: one person, one river, one river and one river; FF responds to 2020 IPO: no comment


[Tiger Sniffing Evening News] Jin Yong's memorial service will be held, Ma Yun will pay tribute: one person, one river, one river and one river; FF responds to 2020 IPO: no comment

Good Monday, everyone.

How was the weekend? Is your hand still there?

On the same day of November 11, China Youth Network conducted a questionnaire survey of 3063 college students across the country. Let's see if there's you in here.

Do you have you in this questionnaire?

The results of the questionnaire survey show: most college students think that the "double Eleventh Day" discount is more, the price is cheap, more than 70% of the college students participate in the "double 11" online shopping, and nearly 60% of the online shopping expenses of college students come from their parents. More than 50% of college students spent less than 500 yuan on the "double Eleventh Day", and over 70% did not exceed the budget. "clothing, daily necessities" and "snack fruit" became hot shopping items for college students online. More than 80% of college students believe that "online shopping needs to be done according to their capabilities."

The word "work hard" is good.

Affected by the double eleven, Alibaba's stock price rose nearly 1% before the market, Jingdong rose more than 2%, and the fight rose by nearly 4%.

After chatting about the double eleven, the following officially entered the evening newspaper time.

The country's first electronic divorce certificate was launched

On the 12th, Alipay launched Jiangxi one Netcom service Mini Programs "Gan Fu Tong," covering more than 100 government services, but also launched the country's first "electronic divorce certificate." It is understood that Alipay "online service" has gone through 10 years, for more than 300 cities nearly 500 million people to provide services.

Lei Jun: If the efficiency is improved, we have just finished the first basket of soil.

This afternoon, Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun issued an internal letter to announce the Xiaomi double eleven record. On the day of the Double Eleven, Xiaomi once again set a new sales record of 5.251 billion yuan, and took the first place in the whole platform with 128 items, and won the Tsao platform brand flagship store sales champion for six consecutive years.

Lei Jun said that on the day of 11 November Xiaomi's mid-and high-end mobile phone products included the first of three, and the mobile phone business stood firm in the high-end flagship market; He also said Xiaomi this year for the first time tried to synchronize online and offline channel offers, experience consistent integration linkage, the new retail omnichannel revelry involving 44.19 million people. Lei Jun also said: the exploration has only just begun, if the new retail has a hundred miles, we are only out of one. If the efficiency increases for the mountain, we have just finished the first baskets of earth.

Let's look at two earnings reports.

Two financial reports

1. Beijing time on the evening of November 12, as of 18: 25 Beijing time, Nasdaq:QTT reported Q3 results today, showing a net loss of 1.0334 billion yuan ($150.5 million). And a net loss of 11.5 million yuan in the same period last year. Affected by this, interest before the session fell 6.04% to $5.60.

2. Car House (NYSE:ATHM) today reported results for the third quarter of 2018 ended Sept. 30. The company reported net revenue of 1.8884 billion yuan ($275 million). Excluding the US General Accounting Standards (non-GAAP), adjusted net profit attributable to auto houses was 737.4 million yuan ($107.4 million), up 55 percent from the same period last year. Non-GAAP net profit for the same period last year was 475.8 million yuan.

(Preview: US Mission Review will release the third quarter earnings report for 2018 on November 22)

Two FF messages

1. FF hired Stifel to meet with potential new investors, FF's existing creditors.

FF said that he recently defeated Evergrande in arbitration and cleared the way for raising new capital. “The discussion with potential investors has begun and there are some sources of funding that have shown great interest to us,” said Stifel Managing Director James Nappo. FF is expected to receive financing in the coming weeks.

2. On Nov. 12, in response to some media reports that FF (Faraday Future), the US electric car company, was planning to conduct a IPO in 2020, FF officially responded to the Beijing News that it would not comment. "FF did hold a senior management meeting last week," he said. "but the official response to the 2020 IPO is no comment," the official told the Beijing News.


“It is certain that there were four or five investors who visited FF last week and conducted relevant communication. We hope to solve the funding crisis as soon as possible and promote the mass production of FF 91. The most urgent task is to solve the funding problem, and the 2020 IPO cannot Solve the current financing problem." The above-mentioned official further told the Beijing News reporter.

The reference to IPO, is related to the following news.

Softbank's mobile division is listed on December 19

According to a regulatory document obtained by Reuters, the Japanese domestic telecommunications unit of the Softbank Corp. Group received approval to list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Monday, and an initial public offering will issue 2.4 trillion yen (about $21.04 billion) of shares. This is also one of the largest IPO ever.


The unit will be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on December 19, offering 1.6 billion shares at a tentative price of 1500 yen per share, according to documents filed with Japan's finance ministry on Monday. The parent company Softbank Corp. Group will retain 66.5% of the shares in the newly listed department. In addition, if demand is strong, there are another 160 million shares with a total value of 240.6 billion yen of over-allotted shares. In this way, the total value of the offering could be close to $25 billion-the size of Alibaba's 2014 listing and the largest IPO. so far.

Let's take a look at a policy story.

The central bank of china and Britain renew bilateral local currency swap agreement with a size of 350 billion yuan

The people's Bank of China and the Bank of England have renewed bilateral local currency swap agreements aimed at maintaining stability in domestic financial markets. The agreement is 350 billion RMB / 40 billion. The agreement is valid for three years and can be extended by mutual agreement.

Look at two news about the game.

You won't see E-sports in China.

According to sports weekly reporter Wang Weichen's latest news, the documentary "E-Sports in China" broadcast plans have been suspended.

Microsoft takes up two more gaming companies


At the Xbox fan rally in Mexico City on November 10, Microsoft announced that it once again earned revenue from two well-known game development companies, InXile Entertainment (InXile Entertainment) and obsidian Entertainment (Obsidian Entertainment). That means Microsoft now owns 13 game development companies.


InXile and Obsidian have a lot in common. They are headquartered in California, USA, and they all focus on role-playing (RPG) games, and many of the old employees of both companies are famous for the "golden age" of computer RPG games. The sly Black Isle Studio.

Have you heard of the artificial intelligence campus? Let's get to know.

According to media reports from Beiqing.com, Xinhua News Agency and Beijing Changping WeChat public account, on November 7, Qiu Level, secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University, led a team to Changping District of Beijing to connect with the local government on the planning and construction of Peking University Changping Campus.

Peking University established a new campus in Changping, with a planned land use of 1025 mu, featuring artificial intelligence and new engineering education. According to incomplete statistics, 34 colleges and universities all over the country have institutions that focus on artificial intelligence.

Let's take a look at the news from abroad.

Google pushes new API

According to Taiwan-based iThome.com.tw, Google is currently testing the new In-app Updates API, the new API, which allows users to update App, directly in App without having to Google Play, simplifying the App update process.


According to reports, the In-App Updates API will provide two update modes. One is the comprehensive screen mode for major updates. When the user is using the app, the interface will pop up the update notification, and the user can update directly in the app. Choose to skip this update.

P & G's major organizational readjustment is coming: six businesses, CEO, in charge of the world

According to the interface report, starting from next July, P&G will establish six business units (SBUs) based on product categories. Each department has an independent CEO responsible for consumer insight, product and packaging innovation, brand communication, sales and supply chain for the product. The company hopes to enhance organizational flexibility and drive market returns through this innovative operational architecture.


The business of these six departments accounts for 80% of P&G's turnover and 90% of after-tax profits, including most of the markets including the US, Canada, and China. The uncovered markets are organized into a single market. unit. The CEO of each department reports to David Taylor, CEO of Procter & Gamble.

Hillary Clinton: see you in 2020

The Hill, the US newspaper, reported on the 11th that Mark Penn, a former adviser to the Clintons, and Andrew Stein, former chairman of the Democratic Party and New York City Council, joined Wall Street. The Daily has written a Sunday column. The article said: "Hillary will not let two shocking failures prevent her from entering the White House."


They said Mrs Clinton would not end her political career with a "humiliating defeat to Trump" in 2016, and that she had two years to review what had gone wrong in the last election and develop a strategy. They also said, "she may skip the Iowa election and then run for it." But rest assured that Hillary 4.0 is on her way anyway. "

Scotland has created history

Scotland will be the first country in the world to incorporate the LGBTI affirmative course into the education system, and all schools must follow. The school will teach the history of the LGBTI affirmative movement to address homophobia, transgender phobia, etc., so that children will recognize and respect the diversity of the world from an early age.

Jin yung memorial service held in Hong Kong today

On the afternoon of November 12th, the memorial service of the famous martial arts novelist and the founder of Ming Pao, Jin Yong (formerly known as Charlene), was held at the Hong Kong Funeral Home. The funeral was in accordance with the wishes of Mr. Jin Yong, and only invited a few friends and relatives to attend. Everything was simple and very low-key.

Jin Yong’s funeral and condolences began at 6 pm and received wreaths and flower cards from outside. Around noon, there were successive wreaths from all walks of life, including the wreaths sent by Ma Yun, a mainland entrepreneur. The couple wrote on the couplet: one person, one river and one lake.


Today's Evening News is the content, good night.

In front of the future, you and I are still children, do not download tiger sniff App sniff innovation!

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