Hu Wei officially stepped down as Mobe CEO, saying that Liu Wei, the president of the internal palace, took over.

[TechWeb] Today, Moby officially released an internal letter, saying that Hu Wei resigned as the CEO of Mobike for personal reasons, and the company's president Liu Wei took over as CEO. The Mobike CEO, who was once selected in Forbes magazine's "25 Asian New Women's List", officially stepped down today.

As a member of the US group purchasing the Mobike bicycle, its CEO Wang Xing said; "I am very grateful to Hu Wei, who not only created and shaped the excellent brand of Mobai, but also created an excellent team and excellent business foundation. Create a good performance and believe that the meeting will get better and better."

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Hu Jin said in his internal letter after leaving office: "The beginning of Mobai has not changed, and everything has just begun. Every Mobaye employee needs long-term patience, continuous basic skills, and better integration into the group. Going to the big organization. For the US group, Moby is actively embracing and grateful, so that they can work together to become a stronger organism. I believe that Moby will be getting better and better."

The young post-80s CEO also said that he had completed his phased mission. Although the time of the establishment of the Mobai is not too long, there is still a considerable market share in the area of ​​shared bicycles, and all the shared bicycles have already supported the free deposit. Compared with the ofo that is now in the dark, Moby is still Explore the future development of shared bicycles and profitability.

Meituan announced in April this year the acquisition of mobike, Wang Xing as chairman. Then mobike's internal restructuring was carried out, Wang Xiaofeng stepped down as CEO adviser, Hu Weiwei, founder, was appointed mobike CEO, and mobike was appointed president, reporting to CEO.

Hu Yu’s withdrawal, the veteran executives at the beginning of Mobai’s establishment almost almost quit. Although there is always public opinion on the Internet or the media, in the internal letter, Hu Wei said: “I have to explain here, there is no 'gongdou’, no There is no entanglement with any organization (disappointing the media)."

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Liu Yu had previously said that the sharing bicycle industry has long entered the 2. 0 era of competitive comprehensive strength. Mobike will be in product research and development upgrade, service response and other aspects of comprehensive development. After taking over as mobike's CEO, the CEO's decision in 2019 also drew attention.

The following is an internal letter from mobike:

Dear mobikers:

During the 8 months of the acquisition of Moby by Meituan, I completed a phased mission and smoothly handed Mobha to Liu Wei. Today, I announced that I will no longer be the CEO of Mobike, and that Liu Wei will take over the position of CEO of Mobai.

Undoubtedly, as a founder, Mobai is like the love of his own children, but everyone can understand that the best love is not to bind to yourself, but to let it grow faster at the right time. I think now is the best time to let go. We have always emphasized mobike love, so what is mobike love? I think this is not only because of the coolness of love, the technology and innovation, but also the change that Mobie brings to the city, but to fight Do your best to make Moby better and better.

Looking back on the past, the industry has gone from high profile to low on shared bikes, but that doesn't matter. It's important that we stop aggressive expansion and really go back to thinking about things. We focus most of our energy on basic skills, more emphasis on user experience, and effectiveness of asset counts, operations, and maintenance. From this 8-month figure, we cut costs significantly, and significantly increased revenue and orders. However, this is far from enough. Then mobike needs to carry out a more thorough practice of "basic skills." this is a very difficult task and a relatively "cold" task. We need to work together. The best effect can be achieved only when the upper and lower levels are concentric. I want you to be very clear about the death of an organization without progress.

Regarding the future of Moby, and sharing bicycles, I don’t think it’s as simple as we initially thought, and it shouldn’t be as pessimistic as many comments from outsiders. In my opinion, this has just begun. Twenty years later, even if there is no driver or even a mobile phone, the shared travel of bicycles is still needed, so everyone in Mobai should stand at least for a 3-5 year period to see this thing. Be patient, continue to do basic work well, and better integrate into the big organization of the US group. For the US group, Moby is actively embracing and grateful, so that they can work together to form a stronger organism.

To say goodbye to you, but I am hopeful, Meituan is a very scientific, objective family, a lot of methodology worth learning, I believe mobike will be better and better. And I think the revolution in the travel industry is just a budding stage, and there's still a lot to come, so I'm still going to invest my time and energy in this field, which is a slow, patient area.

Thank you everybody, thank mobike, also thank Meituan, too much thanks in the heart, also thanks oneself. Thank you. Bye.

Here I have to explain that there is no "gongdou", no discord, no organization entanglement (disappointing the media).

Hu Wei

PS: The best journey answers the question that in the beginning you didn’t even think to ask. - "180 Degrees South"

Mobike's financing process (as of February 2017):

October 2015, round A, millions of dollars, pleasant capital investment

In August 2016, Round B, tens of millions of dollars, Panda Capital, Pleasant Capital, and Innovation Workshop Investment.

In August 2016, B+ rounds, tens of millions of dollars, Xiangfeng investment, innovative workshop investment.

September 2016, C round, $100 million Sequoia Capital, Hillhouse Capital and other investments.

In October 2016, C+ rounds of Gaochun Capital, Huaping Investment, Tencent, Sequoia Capital, Qiming Venture Capital, Panda Capital, Bertelsmann, Meituan Wangxing and other investments.

In January 2017, round D, $215 million, was led by Tencent and Warbug Pincus, with new strategic and financial investors including Ctrip, Huazhu, TPG, Sequoia and Hillhouse.

February 2017, round D, the new Singapore investment company Temasek (Temasek) equity investment. Mobike has raised more than $300 million since the beginning of January.

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