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Poverty is never a state. Instead, it is a normal state.

Especially now, the middle-aged woman who looks ugly may be the super-rich with thousands of BTC in her hand. And the young people who look fresh-dressed and irate may not even have a cat behind them ... poor, which limits my imagination.

So, is there any way to get rich overnight? Hackers gave us the best answer. The little editor carefully combed the " guide to wealth creation in the currency circle" they left behind, and from then on it was not a dream to subvert it!

Spend a sum of money twice - double flower attack

Note that the double flower is not the "flower" of the flower, but the "flower" of the "spending money". Therefore, the double flower attack is actually the same money spent twice, and can also be called a double payment attack.

As we all know, the bitcoin network is based on the POW workloads certification mechanism, with a longer chain as the main chain, so there's a very special situation: if you start two transactions with the same BTC, even if the first one is done, If the second is longer than the first, the first will be withdrawn, that is, the transaction rolls back.

For example:

A uses 1 BTC to buy goods from B-event 1; A transfers the same BTC to another account-event 2;

Normally, once the event is recorded, it is impossible to tamper with it. A gets the merchandise and B gets a BTC. But if A has more than 51% of the arithmetic, then things may develop like this.

Event one has already completed the incident, and it has used more than 51% of its own computational power to dig to confirm the second event. As its calculation power exceeds 51%, the length of the block of event two exceeds that of event one, and once the incident is abandoned, one BTC of the B is returned to place A. And A got the goods.

This process is called double-flower attack.

To put it simply, the attacker used the same money to make two transactions, and premeditatedly controlled the power to rewrite the block, invalidating the previous blockchain transaction.

The relationship between double flower attack and calculation power is very large. If the attacker has more than 50% of the computing power, the dual cost can ultimately guarantee success in any block depth; if less than 50% there is a partial probability of success, and as the computational power decreases, the probability of success becomes smaller and smaller, approaching zero.

Fake for real information -- phishing attack

I think the first thing most people think of when they see this word is "fishing law enforcement," and there is a slight overlap between the two concepts. Fishing law enforcement is by law enforcement officers to disguise, deceive the parties, induce them to break the law; phishing attacks are by false websites disguised as real websites, that is, "Li Gui" disguised as "Li Kui", luring the parties to be deceived, to obtain their true information.

Diaoyutai attack is a criminal fraud process that attempts to obtain sensitive personal information such as user name, password and credit card details from electronic communication through masquerading as a reputable corporate media.

One of the main strategies for phishing is to create a pseudo-site that is highly consistent with the original site, such as replacing a small letter with a small letter, or choosing a different character with a very high similarity: similar to a (very close, but two symbols).

Of course, there are many other fraudulent strategies, such as "using fake mail to guide suspicious sites" and "using search engines to induce fraudulent sites" to steal user addresses, names, personal data, account IDs and passwords.

Incarnate in myriad ways - witch attack

In fairy tales, witches can become all sorts of identities: wives, little girls, maybe wolves... Similarly, witch attacks are like this: attacks that mimic multiple identities can be defined as witch attacks.

As the old saying goes, " three people become tigers". when three people say that there are tigers in the mountains at the same time, even if there are no tigers in the mountains, there will be tigers in people's hearts. Like bitcoin uses P2P network mechanism, data often needs to be confirmed by multiple nodes to ensure its operation.

If there is a malicious node in the block chain network, the malicious node can disguise a variety of identities, the original need to back up to multiple nodes of the data is fraudulently backed up to the malicious node, then the block chain network will be affected by the operation, which is also a witch attack.

In witch attacks, attackers create a large number of pseudonyms to destroy the reputation of P2P networks and use them to gain disproportionate influence.

I have to admit that hackers have provided us with a variety of "rich" ways, and we are only a distance away from the "rich" only a few lines of code...

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