Liu Qiangdong sent an internal letter: Logistics lost more than 2.8 billion in 2018, abolishing the basic salary of couriers as a way to increase the percentage of couriers.

For the recent intensive internal adjustment of Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong once again responded, this time to cancel the Jingdong logistics five insurance and the basic salary adjustment.

It is reported that Liu Qiangdong issued an internal letter to all the delivery personnel of Jingdong in the early morning.

In his letter, he said: in 2018, paid social insurance and house fund's total amount of commercial insurance for the distributor, more than the sum of the four or five mainstream private express delivery companies on the market. The average payment for each courier is 3 / 6 times that of other private logistics company couriers. Not only that, Logistics will also pay family visit subsidies to duty couriers during the Spring Festival, give large subsidies to distributors who have suffered natural and man-made disasters in their hometown, and fully reimburse the family of employees for more than five years for medical and pharmaceutical expenses. These benefits cost hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

But this also exacerbated the loss of Jingdong Logistics. Liu Qiangdong revealed in the letter that Jingdong Logistics had a loss of more than 2.3 billion in 2018, which was the 12th year of losses, and did not include the internal settlement surplus (Jingdong Retail's internal orders). This means that if the internal settlement is deducted, Jingdong Logistics’ total loss last year exceeded 2.8 billion. The core reason is that the external quantity is too small and the internal cost is too high.

"these two years are very difficult two years for the company, the company has lost more than ten years, if such a loss, logistics financing enough money to lose only two years! I believe that all distribution brothers do not want the company to close down, Liu Qiangdong said.

In this case, has only two options: increase the amount of receipts, increase the company's external revenue, or reduce internal costs including social insurance and house fund and welfare benefits to the same level as other express companies on the market. chose to lower some provident fund ratios, still in the average median ratio, but did not cancel social insurance and house fund.

Liu Qiangdong mentioned that the basic salary is only about 10% of the total salary of the distribution staff. The original intention of canceling the basic salary of the delivery staff and increasing the delivery of the courier is to greatly improve the package and improve the delivery only by the delivery staff. According to the test of Jingdong Logistics in South China for nearly half a year, many of the distribution staff have risen. The salary of those with excellent performance can reach 40,000 and 50,000, and the maximum is more than 80,000, which is impossible under the past salary structure.

Liu Qiangdong said, "I know that there will be short-term pain in breaking the big pot of rice, but if you can't stand the short-term pain, then you will die!"

The following is the full text of Liu Qiangdong's internal lette

Dear distribution brothers:

Every time I go out, I can't help but stare at the crowd on the street, because I can find your back on the street. Every time I see you, I feel excited and moved inside! Do you know? The first "car" purchased by Jingdong was a human tricycle, which was in the spring of 1999, when the company included me only three people! The first time I rode a tricycle to deliver the goods, the technology was not enough. I directly hit the stone pillar at the entrance of the Pioneer Park on the north side of Haidian Hospital. I was on the spot and held my chest and squatted on the side of the road for ten minutes. At that time, I was also very sad: "Why is life so difficult? Why do I have such a hardship for a famous university graduate?" But life always has to continue, complaining is useless, and if you want to survive in a big city, you can only choose to persist. Choose to adapt. Everyone knows that I am the son of a farmer, and I have the same origins and the same life experience. This makes me know that you know best about you. Recently, Jingdong Logistics has had some discussions on the adjustment of the five insurances and the basic salary and the basic salary. I also want to take this opportunity to talk with you.

The company has always insisted that all members pay five insurances and one gold in full, that is, they are afraid that they will not be able to support the elderly one day. I remember that many years ago, many distributors were not willing to pay the provident fund. They felt that they would not be able to leave the city one day. But looking back, today more than 70% of the managers of Jingdong Logistics have grown up from the distribution staff and the pickers. Not only have they fallen into the big cities, but they have basically become a family. More than one-third of the Beijing distribution staff ten years ago stayed in Beijing and bought a house. In 2018, Jingdong’s total amount of five insurances and one gold + commercial insurance paid by the distributors was more than the sum of the four or five private express delivery companies on the market. On average, the amount paid by each distributor was other private logistics. 3-6 times the company's delivery staff. In addition, during the Spring Festival, the company also granted a subsidy of 3,000 yuan per person for the duty brothers; some homes were destroyed due to various natural and man-made disasters, and the company will provide large subsidies; employees of more than five years, even including themselves Parents and children have been seriously ill, and the company is fully reimbursed for all medical expenses... These benefits cost hundreds of millions of dollars each year. It is the company's ten-year-old insistence on giving the best salary to the brothers, the full amount of five insurances and one gold, and various welfare guarantees. The life of the whole family will get better and better. In the Jingdong dry five-year distribution staff, most of the brothers can return to their hometown to buy a set of commercial housing, so that parents can live in the city with their children! Let your children enjoy the same education as the people in the city, and thus change the destiny of their family!

But I must also make a conclusion with everyone: Jingdong Logistics lost more than 2.3 billion in 2018, which is the 12th year of losses. This does not include the internal settlement surplus (Jingdong Retail's internal orders), that is to say, if the internal settlement is deducted, Jingdong Logistics' total loss last year exceeded 2.8 billion. The core reason is that the external quantity is too small and the internal cost is too high. Everyone knows that these two years have been quite difficult for the company for two years. The company has lost more than ten years. If it is so deficient, the money from Jingdong Logistics will only be enough for two years! I believe that all Jingdong distribution brothers do not want the company to close down.


In the past, because of our relatively high benefits and salaries, only couriers did not need to ask for items, only needed to send them. Maybe this change will lead to some unsuitable and difficult for everyone. It's okay. You just need to work hard to serve our customers. Treat consumers like their own relatives, constantly bringing them surprise and trust, and then you only need to say "Big Sister or Big Lady, do you have a parcel to mail recently?" when you deliver a piece every day, you only need to say, "Big Brother or Big Lady, do you have a parcel to mail recently?" Sometimes you call me, and I'll pick it up. " "Thank you, Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Master, Big Mum." If you serve more than 100 customers a day, say the same thing every day, insist on 100 days, use everyone's smile, sincerity and sincerity, use our high-quality service and response speed, to move the user, You must be able to receive a number of phone calls! I'm sure it's going to be a lot higher than it used to be!


In fact, logistics in South China testing less than half a year, the company saw the data is that many courier wages have increased a lot! A particularly good distributor can earn 40, 50, 000 a month, or even the highest one earning more than 80, 000 yuan a month! This is impossible under the salary structure of the past! If a small number of brothers have reduced their wages a little under the new salary structure, it is suggested to learn more from good-performing colleagues, learn others' service attitude, learn others' business abilities, and improve their service level. In the past, everyone's income gap is very small, in the past, the typical big pot meal mechanism, the company must break the big pot meal, let the good values, strong ability brothers earn more, have a broader space for development! I know there will be short-term pain to break the big pot, but if you can't bear the short pain, it's waiting to die!

Brothers, in the face of difficulties, we work together to find ways, learn to adapt to change! To work hard to serve our customers, as long as we make our customers satisfied, our wages will rise even higher! The company has the ability to provide better welfare benefits!


Your east brother

Written in the early morning of April 15, 2019


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