What kind of "fibre" power does the data center need for a wider transmission channel?


The strategy of “Broadband China” and “Internet Plus” gradually landed, the implementation of “all-optical network” and the orderly promotion of “5G” network construction have brought great opportunities for the development of optical communication market. With the advent of the era of big data, more and more new applications such as cloud computing data centers, intelligent buildings and industrial Internet of Things require more bandwidth to support the data demand of spurt growth, and a new kind of optical communication integrated wiring system is proposed. Claim.

With the continuous growth of network bandwidth and the continuous upgrading of network technical architecture, the number of optical fiber as a data center transmission information link is also increasing. However, the number of optical fiber cores in a single optical fiber cable is much larger than that of the traditional method in order to meet the requirements. At the same time, green communication also puts forward higher requirements for green environmental protection, safety performance and construction efficiency of optical cable products.

The most common wiring pipeline is 40 / 33 with an inner diameter of 33 mm. Since there is still some space for the cable to enter the pipeline, the outer diameter of a single cable is generally not more than 26mm, and the current core is usually 432 cores. The beacon fire adopts many designs and technological innovations. The outer diameter of the all-dry ultra-high density and large core optical fiber cable is only 25.0mm, and the maximum density of the fiber optic fiber can accommodate 1296 cores. It can well match the existing conventional wiring pipeline, and no additional new pipeline resources are needed. Support for greater capacity transmission within the same pipeline. According to the specific scene, the fiber optic cable adopts different fire-retardant and fire-resistant grade materials to meet the fire and safety requirements of important buildings such as data center, converging machine room and so on. On the basis of effectively increasing the density of optical fiber, the product maintains the traditional layer structure, technical characteristics and existing wiring operation habits, which not only speeds up the progress of the project but also reduces the maintenance cost.

Structure Diagram of Ultra-high density and large Core number Optical Cable

The surge in the number of fiber-optic connections has caused traditional grease-filled cables to expose a series of problems such as inconvenient cleaning of optical fibers, relatively low welding efficiency, and grease contamination. The bonfire full-dry ultra-high-density large-core optical cable adopts a new water-swelling and water-blocking material instead of the water-filled structure filled with ointment. Compared with better drying and moisture-proof performance, the longitudinal water-blocking effect is better. There is no grease between the fiber ferrule and the cable core. No need to wipe the grease when the fiber is connected, eliminating the cleaning process, meeting the environmental protection requirements, and greatly reducing the cable connection time, and significantly improving the welding efficiency of the fiber.

In view of all kinds of technical difficulties in batch production of all-dry ultra-large core optical cable, such as breaking fiber and releasing wire, the beacon fire has independently developed the leading international and domestic first-class low temperature differential manufacturing technology through a large number of theoretical research and technical verification. Many advanced technologies and equipment, such as loose-sleeve large core splitter, twisting and anti-torsion technology, etc., have been solved. And has successfully applied for the patent of "SZ synthetic cable machine and its method of preventing torsion" and < one kind of yarn binding device and method for producing dry structure optical cable ", etc., the stable and reliable production delivery of all-dry type super large core optical fiber cable is more secure. As the main force of the data center cabling system, this series of products have been tested by many customers in Europe and other strict factories, and have been successfully deployed and opened in multi-application scenarios and received praise from international customers.

Data center possession wide transmission channel fiber power

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