WeChat emoticon store video dynamic pause use 6 day recovery


[TechWeb] on April 4, WeChat announced that from 00:00 on April 4, the video dynamic feature of the WeChat emoji store will launch a backstage service upgrade, suspend use, and is expected to resume on April 6. Other functions are not affected.

WeChat emoji Store video dynamically suspended for 6 days to restore 1 _ copy

Among them, already downloaded expression and system expression can still be used normally.

At present, the WeChat emoji store has been decommissioned. When shooting video dynamics, the WeChat team will remind you that video dynamics are being upgraded and we can't publish the video.

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WeChat video dynamics is a new feature of WeChat 7.0.2 released in January this year. In the “WeChat-I” interface, “Pick a video dynamic” appears after the drop-down. After the completion, the video dynamic will be displayed in my interface. When the friend views your WeChat, the video will be displayed in the first interface. The video friend is visible within 24 hours.

WeChat emoji Store Video dynamic pause 6 days resume

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