Baidu released two home smart hardware voice-controlled set-top boxes and new home smart audio

"Small and small, I want to see if I know or not."

"Okay, what do you want to see?"

Imagine the following, you sit on the sofa in the living room and use the voice "remote control" TV to play the program you want to watch. Maybe a small smart sound can help you achieve this function. At the end of February this year, Baidu released the latest home set-top box: a small TV companion, users can control 4K TV through voice interaction, out of the "binding" of the handheld remote control.

(small TV companion)

Baidu said that the small TV companion is positioned in the "Artificial Intelligence Home Theater" and has the following functions:

1, 4K set-top box: meet the majority of users' home viewing needs, and support online film selection, purchase of film and television resources; support 4K HDR output, can be dual-band Wi-Fi and 2x2 MIMO features, play 4K HD video.

2, voice interaction: voice control TV switch, playback, volume control, etc.; voice intelligent assistant can wake up at any time, support far-field interaction, can also wake up in noisy environment, Baidu said that in the laboratory situation, a small TV companion The 5m wake-up rate is as high as 99%.

3, Hi-Fi audio: In order to make up for the poor sound quality of most TVs, the small TV companion is equipped with 4 large-caliber speakers, 2 super long guide tubes, and the left and right sound chambers are designed independently to form super surround sound.

At present, TV sets are still the center of most entertainment scenes in Chinese family life, but there are many pain points in the process of using traditional TV sets, the remote control can not be found, it is very difficult to find films, and the sound quality is not ideal, and so on.

In the case that the TV screen is off, the small TV companion can communicate with the user as a smart speaker to realize the basic functions of the smart speaker, which can be said to be "one thing".

Small at home 1s: content resource child model

This spring evening, Xiaodu’s home 1S has appeared through the CCTV channel and was distributed as a prize to some users.

(small at home 1S)

The small 1S has a high sound quality at home, designed by Wai-loong Lim, a designer of the Sonos intelligent audio industry in California, which is easy to integrate into the home environment. It is reported that the small 1 degree at home compared to the previous generation has a higher transmission speed at home, effectively improving the audio and video quality of video calls and listening to songs, and can meet the needs of most home audio and video entertainment.

With a small degree at home 1S and Iqiyi, QQ music, 蜻蜓FM, fighting fish, Himalayan cooperation, users can enjoy the music and video resources of these platforms. The child mode was upgraded at home 1S, and after identifying the child, the interface that is more suitable for the child was called to interact with the color. Basic protection for child mode: duration protection, distance protection and content protection,

Regarding the price of the two products, the small TV partner has a hand price of 599 yuan after the hardware subsidy, and a small price of 329 yuan at the home 1S. Currently, the two products can be sold in stock from now on. The consumer can be in Xiaodu Mall and Suning. Directly purchase channels such as Jingdong.

At the same time, at the product launch conference, Baidu also announced the "small screening room program" to encourage users to share short videos about small new products.

Baidu release models home smart hardware voice control set-top box new home smart stereo

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