Galanz issued an abnormal statement accused of abnormal search in the Tmall platform

On the afternoon of June 17, Glanz issued a statement on the abnormal search on Tmall platform on its official account, saying that since Glanz visited pinduoduo on May 28, Glanz's search side of Tmall platform has been abnormal one after another, resulting in a serious impact on normal sales.

Glenz said that after the discovery of anomalies, through a variety of ways to communicate with Tmall, but the abnormal problem has not yet been solved. So far, Glanshi believes that at least Tmall's business level of inaction, hoping to attract Tmall senior attention.

Galanz appealed, "The store can't bully, the community should maintain a fair business environment, and consumers are our common food and clothing parents."

The following is the full text of the Galanz statement:

Since the Galanz visit on May 28, 2019, Galanz has experienced abnormalities in the search end of the Tmall platform, causing serious impact on normal sales. After discovering the abnormality, we communicated with Tmall in various ways, but the abnormal problem has not been solved yet. So far, we believe that at least the inaction of Tmall's business level, I hope to attract enough attention from the Tmall executives.

We believe that Tmall, as a well-known enterprise, has sufficient technical ability to maintain the normal operation of the platform, and should fulfill the concept of “making the world have no difficult business” and continue to provide consumers with fair, open and free consumption choices. In view of the sales characteristics of e-commerce, this time not only caused significant losses to many stakeholders including Galanz during the 618 promotion period, but also may have an incalculable impact on the follow-up business of both parties.

In this regard, we are deeply dissatisfied.

Since the establishment of Tmall, the cooperation between the two sides has continued to deepen. In preparation for the 618 promotion, we and our partners have stocked more than 200,000 units on the Tmall platform and actively cooperated with the promotion activities, but these efforts are now ruined.

Here, we apologize to all consumers who suffer from the inconvenience, and suggest that the majority of consumers who have purchased Glanz products temporarily go to the platform for normal sales. We will continue to try to communicate with Tmall until the anomalies are resolved.

At the same time, we solemnly appeal: the store can not bully, the community should maintain a fair business environment, and consumers are our common food and clothing parents.

Guangdong Galanz Life Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.

June 17, 2019

Glanz hair anomaly statement complaint Tmall platform search anomaly

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