The logout account function is coming: Tencent mobile QQ Android v7.9.9 official version update

Today, Tencent has pushed the v7.9.9 version update for mobile QQ Android users. This update mainly brings a lot of QQ account logout functions that users pay attention to. For this function, some netizens said that this is not the cancellation of the QQ number, it is the youth of a generation of people.

QQ account logout method as follows: set-account, device security page, you can find the bottom of the logout account options.

To apply for QQ cancellation account, you need to verify the following conditions:

It is necessary to ensure that the account is in a safe state, the QQ payment property is settled, the card voucher is cleared, the QQ platform authority is released, and the accounts of other App and websites are untied.

Need to be reminded that QQ can not be restored after canceling the account, please confirm the important information files on the QQ account before canceling the logout.

Logout account function coming Tencent mobile QQ Android version v7 9.9 official version update

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