Science board|Western superconducting Hongsoft technology today subscription online subscription up to 9500 shares.

[TechWeb] July 11th news, following yesterday's Lexin Technology, China Tonghao and other 9 new board shares, today's investors have 4 new shares of the board can be purchased, including ArcSoft and Western Superconductor .

Kechuang board purchase 1_500 Science and Technology Innovation Board applies for 2U 500

Specifically, investors today have a total of 5 new shares to be purchased, namely ArcSoft Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Weichuang Xinmai Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing MicroPort Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Western Superconducting Materials Technology The shares of the company and Qingdao Guolin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the first four companies are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the latter one is listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Western Superconductor Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-end titanium alloy materials, superconducting products and high-performance superalloy materials. It will issue no more than 44.2 million shares in public for the first time, abbreviated as "Western Superconductor", stock code "688122". Before the start of the online redial mechanism, 33.592 million shares were initially issued offline, 8.398 million shares were initially issued online, and the online application code was "787122". Online purchase ceiling of 8000 shares, offering price of 15 yuan per share, its proposed financing of 800 million yuan.

Shanghai minimally invasive Xinmai Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is one of the subsidiaries of minimally invasive Medical Science Co., Ltd. Its initial public offering and listing in Science and Technology Innovation Board show that its offering price is 46.23 yuan per share, 18 million shares are proposed to be issued 651 million yuan, the stock code "688016", the online purchase code "787016", and before the launch of the online callback mechanism, The initial issue of 10.407383 million shares online, the initial issue of 4.32 million shares online, any placing object can only choose to issue offline or online distribution of a way to apply for purchase, the upper limit of online application is 4000 shares.

Founded in 2000, Nanjing Minimally Invasive Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. is also a medical device company, mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing and sales of minimally invasive medical devices. It negotiated with the lead underwriters to issue 33.34 million shares at an issue price of 52.45 yuan, the proposed financing of 894 million yuan, the stock referred to as "South Micromedicine", the stock code is "688029", the online purchase code is "787029", the online subscription limit is 9500 shares.

Hongsoft Technology is a leading algorithm service provider and solution provider in the computer vision industry. Based on the world's advanced computer vision technology with independent intellectual property rights, Hongsoft has launched a variety of computer vision solutions for various fields. It plans to issue 46 million shares to raise 1.132 billion yuan. It is the only of the four new shares that can be purchased today, with a stock code of 688088. The online application code is 787088, the issue price is 28.88 yuan per share, and the online application limit is 7500 shares.

Keyhuang board western superconducting rainbow soft technology today subscription online subscription cap 9500 shares

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