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Titanium Media News | November 15 News: This morning, Ali Health announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alipay, a subsidiary of Ant Financial Services. The announcement said, " Ali Health will set up an independent medical and health service channel exclusively on Alipay's client, fully manage and operate the medical and health industry partners in the channel, and provide users with more comprehensive medical and health services and products on Alipay's platform by continuously introducing new medical and health service institutions. "

The titanium media learned that the channel is the " medical health" channel in Alipay's current mobile phone application, originally operated by Alipay, and its services include registration, inquiry, medical appointment, electronic social security card, health science popularization and so on.

On the left is the entrance to Alipay's " Medical Health" channel and on the right is the channel page ( titanium media Fu Mengwen's drawing )

On the left is the entrance to Alipay's " Medical Health" channel and on the right is the channel page ( titanium media Fu Mengwen's drawing )

This time, the integration of resources in the medical and health field has not long ago set the stage.

The titanium media had previously reported that on October 16, Ali announced that he would join Alipay to realize the " whole process of face brushing for medical treatment" in Hangzhou Yuhang First People's Hospital for the first time. Ali Health also carried out a series of digital innovations in interenet+medical care, such as mobile phone appointment registration, electronic payment, inquiry report, printing report and credit medical treatment, in more than 100 hospitals and nearly 1000 departments in Hangzhou through Alipay's life number and small program.

As the flagship of Ali's medical layout, Ali's core business of health is medicine e - commerce. While the new retail area of medicine is moving frequently, he has also dabbled in medical AI, medicine tracing, health insurance and other businesses. Up to now, he has gradually established an ecosystem of health areas including medical institutions, third-party software and hardware developers, medicine manufacturers, offline pharmacies and so on.

Alipay focuses on payment and credit ability. As a " super entrance", it not only provides patients with appointment and inquiry, registered payment, and energizes pharmacies, but also devotes itself to technology accumulation in credit and biometrics.

In addition, the Ali system of health-related resources in recent years have varying degrees of integration of resources. In the first two years, Ali Health gradually completed the acquisition and integration of Tmall's pharmaceutical business. Since 2018, Ali Health has increased its cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, nail and Alipay medical business.

In 2016, Ali Health and Tmall signed an agreement for the agency operation of Tmall Medical House; in May 2017, they announced the acquisition of the "blue hat" health food business of Tmall; and in May 2018, Ali Health again announced the acquisition of medical devices and other items. In April 2018, the "Health Clinic" was opened in the nail business service market to provide one-stop health solutions for corporate users, such as asking for medicine, physical examination, etc. In September 2018, Ali Health and Ali Cloud jointly announced the establishment of ET medical brain 2.0, integration of Ali medical AI capabilities; August, 2018-in October, Ali Health worked with the rookie to reach me, hungry hummingbird, and 24 hours of emergency medicine delivery in four cities in North, Guangzhou-Shenghang and Hangzhou.

Regarding the next step after this cooperation, the announcement said, " after the strategic cooperation is signed, the group will cooperate with the majority of offline medical institutions on the Alipay platform to give full play to the group's technical, resource and operational capabilities in the field of medical and health care and help them realize informatization transformation and internet medical services; At the same time, through Alipay's medical and health service channel, more medical and health industry partners are connected and operated to achieve the goal of further development in the medical and health industry. " ( This article starts titanium media, author / Fu Mengwen )

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